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  1. Was close enough :p
  2. Well, if it works then I can't complain And an avatar? On your profile?! I don't even what is this D:
  3. Look at you, creeping around offline. I don't like it!
  4. it's a really cunning plan to bump profile views tho :p

    luv you too (re:s7 :p)

  5. Meant to get around to congratulating you sooner but it sort of...slipped my mind And not at all! Mine are all legit! Although I think Mikey may have given me 100 to bump me up to some milestone, I don't know hah. I have no idea why people visit my profile, it's not like much really happens on it heh.
  6. and so this is how you bump up your number of profile visitors
  7. L-a-g :d
  8. Congrats on the promotion thingyyyy
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