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  1. Aslan! How's it going mate? Sorry to hear that you quit s2.

    Much love.
  2. Nah seriously! But then remember I've always been the optimist- when loads stopped with the introduction of v3.6 I was the one that went to com10 to play the very first beta... and I kicked arse finishing rank 1 off and rank 1 hero :p
  3. Lol seriously? My skeptical side is detecting a note of sarcasm
  4. Meh when I read about it a few months ago it sounded awsome lol!
  5. Ah fair does. I've heard T4 is rather poor anyway?
  6. I would love to play, but am studying full-time so don't have the time
  7. Any chance you'd be up for playing on s4 when it restarts?
    The temptation to get a small group of old players together and cause some havoc is huge
  8. Hehe same here lol!
  9. You still dabble on the forums too then Aslan?
    I can never stay away lol, even if I can't always be bothered to post xD
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