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  1. Just though I'd remind you that your Roman Start Guide is awesome I've never been in 80 negative crop before :L
  2. Great, good luck with it all. Keep me post
  3. 14 troops left to go until I get that magic 100 (should have them by tomorrow morning)

    And then the fun begins.
  4. I know its nothing, just don't want to have to dodge noobs who think I'm an idiot
  5. That raiding is good, keep on going.

    Pop is nothing, you'll easily get that later on.
  6. Now I'm raiding 20-5% of the 10th placed person...and rising. 40 troops, training new ones constantly, people deleting in my 7x7, my first ever farm message.

    Yeah, I'm doing even better than yesterday, my pop rank is appalling though, something like 3200
  7. The 10th placed person has 88k raided resources, I've got 9k.
  8. That's a good amount, but I'm not entirely sure how Teutons are doing on your server. I take it you're looking at the top 10 raiders for guessing your 12%?
  9. It's no problem at all, my offense rank is 500 odd and there are no troops in my 7x7 (except one village of Teutons which I'm going to deal with when I get EI's) I hope to get the 100 legs by Wednesday and then I'll be happy

    I'm also raiding about 12% of what the Teutons are, good or not?
  10. Brilliant, thanks for testing it out.

    I know a couple of people are using it but it's good to hear progress.
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