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  1. Hey,

    Mr. Messy - 01.09.2011 03:16 PM Report

    Is your off record still the uk record?

    Yeah it will be, and can never be beaten unless they make a 3.1 trav server again
  2. Is your off record still the uk record?

  3. Did you get banned for spam too?

    Ridiculous now, cant move without getting banned >.<

    I miss the good old days


    Me defend? It just sounds wrong =D
  5. Be my defender

  6. its like a month... and its effort to find a group of people id want to play with. id be a noob all other again too. too much has changed
  7. s3? Not too far in, catching up would be easy

  8. No idea yet.. I might, depends if i can find a new server and active duals/night dual
  9. You just on forum or restarting travian?

  10. Haha well played.. you seem to have gained a sense of humour...
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