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  1. >.>

  2. >.>

  3. take off that quote lol!!
  4. Hehe, A bit sad I guess but me too

    And still learning ^_^

    You managed to infect me with this over ambitiousness

  5. Thoroughly enjoying life, I learn't alot form the game and am able to apply alot of it in RL
  6. Haha not to bad mate

    And you?

  7. Poke! Hows life treating you old friend?
  8. Right, grand balls going now. Had to resend res 'cause you spent it on TKs >.<

    Good luck luvvy xD

  9. nub.

    i sent u message on skype sent u pm and sent message on account.

    If u can't find it go kill your self

    pah ignoring me on skype >.<

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