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  1. He doesn't look nearly as murderous as I'd have liked
  2. I wish. The weather hasn't been stable here to make one so I thought I would find you one online to haunt you in your dreams.

    hehe murderous snowman is murderous

    Sleep tight <3
  3. Haha! Is that my snowman ?!
  4. Wonder wonder wonder ponder
  5. Haha, you may wonder just why I picked it I'll change it now, don't worry.
  6. Dear SHB,

    I am probably the only one on the forum to think this, but so you are not misled by me at all I must say this, your new avatar is ANNOYING!!

    But I sitll luv you


  7. Haha, sure :p It'd be much easier to copy it to me on here though!
  8. Ah, I did. I did get a youtube thing, but I thought that wasn't it.

    Well, since it did stop snowing, how about I make you a nice snowman, then I can make a sign for it to hold and have it say something to you and take a pic and post it?
  9. Google him! Or YouTube him. He's famous <3

    And I am jealous I'd love some of that right now. All we have is rain and wind.
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