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  1. Never heard of him. To make up for not knowing him, I am going to go ahead and gloat about the fact that I have lots of snow.
  2. Haha, thankyou. It's from a guy called SeaNanners <3
  3. I like your new avatar. It makes me laugh every time I see a post of yours. How distracting
  4. Oh, because from this first game I did think of a few that might fit the area of being able to compete with. But then again you could use almost any game
  5. I've got a few games in my head Why?
  6. Hmm. . .for proving ground, it seems like there will be more weeks coming so do you have games lined up or will you pick as you go? Or are you open to suggestions from others?
  7. Get stuff off your mind then?

    Well you must learn to bear with it. Saying that ElementalGodz is a post/attention melon is no fun anymore because its true. You, on the other hand have some freaky fanclub who wants to *Insert gay sex comment about you*. So therefore, it makes more sense to make fun of you from your post about being an attention melon than anyone else. Well to me anyway
  8. Apologies if it was a joke. Got stuff on my mind, didn't mean to sound really angry D: I don't appreciate people saying that sort of thing about me, joke or not
  9. Sheesh what a way to overreact to a joke. >.>
  10. Not at all . I've not asked to be voted for anything and I will be surprised if I win anything. I want more people to vote because I want to get people involved. I want what is best for this domain, and to me, that involves people getting on board with forum awards and things like that. But sure, I must be selfish and only doing it for myself, 'cos that's the only reason I'd do it, right? I mean, I invest hours of my day into something I don't get paid for, for little to no recognition, purely because at the end of the year I want to be voted for an award. Right? Wrong.
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