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  1. Of course you were, are you really going to blame the innocent girl called Megan? you should take the blame for your own actions.
  2. Galoo! I was hacked okay?!
  3. Boo! Ya know, 10 Characters so might as well insult you. Enjoying the baguettes?
  4. You suck , Shaun
  5. I'll tell you what I was gunna say on skype :3
  6. You're so far past the line I thought you had forgot about the line
  7. eurgh don't even make me go even further past the line sully!
  8. I'll make you eat a chocolate snow cone if you keep shouting abuse
  9. Shaddup or I'll get Big Foot to force feed you a lemon snow cone
  10. Just cause I win. sending me to antartica < Losing in Scream Contest
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