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  1. Thats good. Good job. Yeah.

    I hope I cnat catch up, after not being able to veiw the forum. And laika (the one person wh might fix it) is on holiday till monday!
  2. Won 2 prom competitions dude
    me and Angers tied in the debate, and I won battle of the bands
  3. Hey cazzah, how have you got two natar wins already? Then again, I havent been able to get on the forums for a while (and I still cant) so I dont know whats been going on...
  4. Cazzah, resize your siganture and you can keep it. It isnt offending terminatar (and noones offending me)!
  5. You are needed in the Natar Troop Forum Cazzah. Please come at once, as TermiNatar and I need help getting it back on topic.
  6. Do you know what they do though. What do you have to do to be reffered?
  7. Rowanius, as far as i know, refferals are when someone else registers for the forum, there is a place to put your "referer"'s username. Usualy peple who reffer a lot of people get awards etc.
  8. And RA is from RowAnius
  9. Its our group for our ideas. He founded it.
  10. Evening!
    Dude, why did you make a group named after terminatar >_>
    Isnt his ego slightly big already
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