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  1. I'm in touch again :p
  2. Doh, you gone
  3. Your still around? Thought those pesky romans would have killed you long ago :p
    got a few months of lounging round coming up and time that needs killing, and proberbly alot of people in trav that need upsetting , so stay intouch
  4. I would like to stay in touch. Though I haven't spoken to you in a looong while
  5. lol

    Ah yes- I have an ...offer for you now you have your tinternet connection
  6. nice place to live but!
  7. me? on the forums?
    nooooo xD
  8. Hey do you live here or whaaaaa?

  9. I should know that Bee shouldn't be underestimated by now
    (Me displaying moderate excitement)
  10. Mr Beserker, did you just shoot Bee with a tommy gun? How rude, and maybe a mistake as i am an explosives expert haha
    ope your well dear fella, and sorry i havent been round much, getting my tinterweb connection back this weekend yay!!!
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