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  1. Ratatatatatat!!!!
    Hello Bee!
  2. lol I reckon they'll take you seeing as you're epicness precedes you
    rofl, they can have me instead
    Remember to tell me when you're settles
  3. Nope not till i move into the new place proberly, i'd be a mod by now if i did
  4. btw Bee'meister
    Do you have skype?
  5. lol if my rival is Comprissent :/
  6. Easy "cop out" answer? as much as possible and more than your rival's
  7. Yes SIR!

    p.s. how much riading should I be getting in with 8 macemen?- res I meant- per day- i only get 2000
  8. You'd Bee welcome, but lets see you prove your "Vaders fist" material in S3 first
  9. Mey I join the 501st?
  10. lol grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    you should have a heart tattoo'd across an eye
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