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  1. ha what would "Alice in wonderland" Bee without the queen of hearts Orfff with his head.
  2. lol BACK into character
  3. yeah yeah your great, now just shhhh on the matter, i am supposed to be evil, cant let my soft side show too much.
    Nope credit where its due i say
  4. you dont know how much it means to have someone who openly thinks you're great- Thanks Bee- Legend yourself
  5. Your a good man, thats why your a minority, usually such matters have little to do with what flag you fly, its more to do with if you are good or bad
  6. thank you bee- sadly i am a minority but i say what i think
  7. <3 for that post on the debate thread Your a voice your faith needs to ring out loudly
    I am proud of you.
  8. you just bamboozled me witless- can i have that in sensible English??.....please?
  9. damn i always reply to posts on my page to myself, duhhh Bee!
  10. Because of the lack of reply, can i assume that NOT everybody likes the Bee'meister?
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