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  1. I am really good thanks. Update on life, I got into my University for Law, yeehaw. I hit 19 years of age without mentally maturing any and yeah everything is going good haha. Its good to see you back here again though- hadn't forgotton you. Say are you still a skyper?
  2. Tell me about it! How are you?
  3. Long time no see you
  4. Play it this time
  5. Well, Count Ginger was the one I've been looking in on ^_~

    If she came first, that just doubles my pride! I think I actually blushed when she put my name on the profile like that.. I've never really even played s4, I just hung around for kicks.
  6. I'm doing alright
    Yep Dual with her and she came FIRST not second- same alliance and she organised the whole thing- came to Ceejay first and Count Ginger second
  7. Aww, me n Estelle should dual if I go s4 ^^ I've missed her tonnes! Heard she cames 2nd, I'm so proud of her <3

    I wonder how my lil Floodie is doing these days, not spoken to him in ages.. how are you, anyways? I feel so rude for not asking!
  8. Rofl- it was something beginning with M
    Join this s4- proving to be a right cracker
    (Join NW quadrant- Nikitta's setting up there )
    Mud's back as is Flood ready for some fun so as I said it should be FUN!.
  9. MIA? I never held a MIA WW Ours was for my own alliance, MOT.. and very proud I was too at being so close with so little players (most of whom were noobs)

    Anyways, I'm back for a little catch up today.. might be coming back to Travian, not 100% sure yet but I'm thinking about it. It would be good to hit #1 again and prove I still got the skills
  10. Yep- I chatted to you a bit on s1 when you were with Herd and on s2 when you held the wonder for MIA (and the unfortunate happenings with your army, I know about it) so I just felt curious about you
    btw, I really hope your medical condition is much much better
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