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  1. Terminatar dude!
    We should SO go to the prom together!!

    (sorry fi this is gobbledygook, I've had 2 hours sleep after the best party ever. Running around at 3am with no shirt on, jumping into bushes etc. )
  2. No, not at all.

  3. sorry, I ment to say
    Would you mind if my sig said you smell
  4. But it doesn't!
  5. Yu dont mind my sig saying yu smell do you?
  6. Whuh oh.

    My sig's too big also.

    *goes off to change*

    And yes, Cazzah, it is insulting. Tut tut.
  7. :/

    I went to a pub and saw some terrible stand up acts.
  8. I went to see his BIG UK tour live
  9. Oh, Lee Evans PWNS all.
  10. It was pretty funny last night ( The comedy roadshow)
    Watch one of his stand up shows. He's pretty good
    Nowhere near Lee Evans in my books though.
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