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  1. Hey Mr Terminatar - Where are you?
  2. I decide to do teutons with hawke, as I know him from server 2, and we seem tot work well together...
  3. Never mind.


    And why are you Teuts?

    It's stupid: you're Teutons and I'm Romans.

  4. Sorry. But its not made yet...
  5. VM = Visitor Message.

    Also, you failed to give me more details about this alliance even though I requested via IGM.

  6. VM?

    Anyhow, I hope you cna join my alliance on 3x
  7. Hey,

    Just IGMed you on ukx.

    Not willing to give out my name, so replying back with my name will mean I have to disapprove your VM

    But just to let you know - it is me. =)
  8. Would help if you gave us a link.
  9. You...can sorta help by telling all the other people to check the forum thing =)
  10. In fact, can I help?
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