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  1. Haha yes, we found that.. but tbh, I'm just gonna delete in a while. Came for a friend who is putting 0 effort in and it's annoying me.
  2. If you just auction everything, someone with more money than sense will fund it for you. And there are a lot of those types around.
  3. Tell me about it. I do not have gold club or a farm list. Go me xD
  4. Lazy is the way to play now, with farmlists and gold club!
  5. Cool. I'm only back because on a totally unrelated game, I got asked if I knew how to stop people raiding on Trav. I was like.. hell yes! So I made an account on uk2. I'm being lazy with it cos I started 3 and a half days in.
  6. I have no clue who else plays tbh, I'm only on S5 because Trouble asked, he got banned and now I'm with a group of new guys too... They seem good though so I don't really knock newbies!
  7. Y'know, the usual. Yourself? Who else still plays? It's all *coughs*newbies*coughs*
  8. Hey, how's it going?
  9. *prod* *prod*
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