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  1. Alright mate, how's it going? I'm back on S7.. You still here?
  2. hello stranger.
  3. haha, i hope you dont mind what i said about LE~RS in that thread : )
    there are many cheifable targets around our area ; ) only napped with you remember :p
  4. Haha! it is true you are our friendly neighbour!

    I've decided to come onto the forums and give my two cents since LE~RS~ are getting a slagging on the fireants discussion!

    Boo I say!
  5. It is i, "hornyyy" your friendly neighbour : )
    Im mrpanky from the account
  6. Yeah it is, cheers for the birthday wishes

    Who are you might I ask - I'm trying to figure it out but I reckon you've got a different name here?
  7. Happy birthday le tom : ) is this the le tom from uk1?
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