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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. could you judge the entries on "music (video) deathmatch" pleazzz
  3. Yeah, counting the whole forum I have >11K :p
  4. Its quite funny because we joined roughly at the same time (late 2009) and you've got 2,321 more posts than me lol
  5. No .
  6. mousy, are you a football fan
  7. Things are OK for me, soon to overtake Emmi in the Counting thread...
  8. Hey, mousy... its your old pal tibs
    Its been a loooooong time since we've been talking, and when I say loooooong, I mean loooooong!
    How are things going for you?
    I'm at comprehensive now, I feel that I have been a lazy Tibs, not going on the forum for 4 months, coming back on 1 month later, that kind'a thing, I've been missing everyone sooooo much,

    And you'll be pleased to know... I'm not obsessed with dinosaurs any more! yay!
    But I am really bothered with sky sports, because my dad said 2 months ago that if I am good for 6 months I will get sky sports!
  9. Have you gotten any Asterix and Obelix books recently.

    Here's a list of really cheap prices for them on google shopping:

    Or if you don't want to pay, you could always get them from your local library...
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