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  1. swine flu ?
    yeh not been to bad
    well ive been scafolding all over the place so havent had much chance to get on here unfortunatly :/

    i thought you were avoiding me sorry for the reply only jsut relised which wall it was posted on have a good break ?
  2. I has been okayish. Was ill for about a week but I'm all better now at least How's you? And why haven't we spoken for so long? Have you been avoiding me?
  3. alright doughnut lover hows you been ?
  4. poke

  5. Your Girl is fiesty
  6. [00:21] <Fenriswolf> it was explained when he asked you out
    [00:21] <Fenriswolf> we have a signed agreement
    [00:21] <Daniel> :p
    [00:21] <T_guest3> wolf i fergot if u were a boy or a girl
    [00:21] <Fenriswolf> im both
    [00:22] <T_guest3> yeh he asked me out not u
    [00:22] <Daniel> Depends on the day of the week
    [00:22] <Daniel> and the amount of rainfall
    [00:22] <Sarah> lul
    [00:22] <Fenriswolf> excuse me zoe we were together before you came along
    [00:22] <Daniel> :o
    [00:22] <T_guest3> looks like hes dumped u then
    [00:22] <Daniel> Solve your problem with pistols at dawn
    [00:22] <Sarah> lol
    [00:22] <Daniel> works a charm
    [00:23] <Fenriswolf> i dont see him here tonight looks like he dumped you
  7. [00:19] <T_guest3> hi do u remember me fro yesterday
    [00:19] <Sarah> Ye
    [00:19] <Fenriswolf> who me ?
    [00:19] <Fenriswolf> zoe ?
    [00:19] <T_guest3> yeh
    [00:19] <Fenriswolf> has fabian not been in
    [00:19] <Fenriswolf> i best go find him :p
    [00:20] <T_guest3> no dont think so
    [00:20] <T_guest3> how r u goin 2 find him
    [00:20] <Fenriswolf> i told you you could only have him on wednesday nights
    [00:20] <Fenriswolf> all other he is mine
    [00:20] <Sarah> lol

  8. Jubbly
  9. good to have ya back
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