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  1. Hi Paul, lovely to hear from you...hope I'm doing this right (reply that is)
    Both servers going well (S1 & s2)....and can't imagine you being gaul lol! Would love to have you with us....I think I'll be back although not too sure if its T4, but you know me with this silly game
    Good luck with your pc probs....drop in on skype if you get sorted, you'd be very welcome!
    Take care and speak soon... L. xxx
  2. Hello lozza
    Quick message Hope it's going ok on s2, I'm fine but with major comp problems atm Hopefully sorted next week. Anyway I MAY return on s1 perhaps on restart but not sure, would be more of a chilled role (even as Gaul) next time, but i'll ponder that. If you wonder about nick I had to format and couldn't remember log in details :/ First unused nick that came to mind (think it was from an advert on tv at that time!!)
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