What's your favourite xbox 360 game?

  1. rune strider2
    rune strider2
    Read title.

    Mine personally is halo 3,Although I'm getting halo wars in a few days so we have yet to see.
  2. Berethor
    Does it have to be an exclusive? Because i've only played a few 360 exclusives. I played Halo 3 and i wasn't impressed tbh,i like more realistic shooting games, and ones with health bars that don't replenish in less than the time it takes to reload >.> If you fire off an entire clip without killing the opponent, their health replenishes before you've reloaded, or someone steals your kill.

    I'd say Fable 2 for me, the game is just excellent all round
  3. IJmac
    I like Fable 2 but i prefer Oblivion. It's probably Oblivion for me at the moment i'm about lv31 or something.
  4. Berethor
    Oblivion is best played on PC though, best graphic potential (with very high end machines) and the ability to mod the game
  5. Dark Injustice
    Dark Injustice
    Fallout 3
    Bioshock(I like the storyline....and the gore)
    Rainbow 6 vegas 2
  6. NoObHeAd
    COD 4
    Gears of war 1 (time that it came out, it was imense)
    Halo 3


    Age of empires
  7. SpeedRunner
    COD4 always and forever.
  8. Berethor
    Cod4 is immense, its easily the best online First person shooter on console. Cod WaW zombies is pretty fun too.

    GRAW 2, despite my dislike for Tom Clancy games (seriously, putting the name on every game he thinks of just proves he's a sponge XD), is actually a really good game. I like the realism factor in dieing so easily (and killing so easily). Plus it is one of the few offline 4 player games still left. There used to be the Conflict games on ps2/Gamecube, and a variety of games on Gamecube, but on the Xbox and PS3 there is no good 4 player games (Halo is ok, but i'm not too keen on it, neither are my mates). The game designers think people have no friends. All the good multiplayer games are online, way to encourage teenagers to stay locked in their bedrooms
  9. TheGoktor
    Am loving Fallout 3 right now but I think that Fable II is my all-time favourite 360 title. Having said that, I find myself repeatedly going back to Tenchu Z and CivRev.
  10. GhostshadowX
    1st --Fable 2 (customiseablitiy if that's a word)
    also 1st --gears 2 (all teh bloooood, i'm a sniper captain in my squad so i see looots of squirting blood)

    2nd --fallout 3 (the funny 50's atmosphere)
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