Is Halo the next Final Fantasy?

  1. Roran
    With the way there going to be spitting out Halo games (1, 2, 3, Halo Wars, Halo Recon(Not yet released)) do you think that the Halo series will be milked as much by Microsoft as the Final Fantasy series was milked by...hold on a sec...Square Enix? (Had to look that up, only played one final fantasy ever and it was for the Game Boy (Not even the Color Game boy, before that))
  2. Gouranga
    Halo Recon is an expansion to Halo 3 and yes I do think theyll milk it but i dont carer because i love halo. Also Square developed most FF games just merged with Enix
  3. Berethor
    Squaresoft were short of money, so they became affliates of EA, but are still semi-independant, and inherited the name Square Enix. A lot of the design team left in protest, hence why it has gone downhill since FFX.

    The Halo series, i think it will be milked more, Its existence was one of the main driving forces behind the sales of the original Xbox, and Halo 3 for the 360 too. But it has become a great name in the world of gaming, people will want more. Bungie, the developers of Halo, are owned by Microsoft, so it is very doubtful they will encounter Financial Problems like Squaresoft did, so hopefully they will keep going strong.
  4. WeWorshipFred
    Little known fact - When the original Xbox was released, Halo was one of the 'crappy' games in the background. Microsoft didn't expect it to do all that well.

    I don't think it will be quite like FF with its 72 sequels, but I reckon they have a Halo 4 in development I.E with Master Cheif again. Then with a few more variations, there could end up being, maybe 10 or something.
  5. Gouranga
    Bungie are independent they were released from microsoft due to the great work done on halo
  6. Berethor
    Didn't know that Gouranga ^^
  7. Roran
    Yea but Microsofts still attached
  8. Gouranga
    They had to leave the halo IP behind though, and i doubt they'll go bust they are now a super dev, kinda like Rockstar and Maxis
  9. creelers
    Nah Final Fantasy is actually good oj Halo's pretty good.
  10. IJmac
    tbh i hope there are a lot more Halo sequels (i'm a complete Halo fan-boy XD)

    There is so much stuff that you don't know, so many areas that even the books don't cover that could be expanded upon in a new game

    I wish they would start work on that movie again though
  11. Berethor
    Played Halo on Saturday for the first time (well the first proper go i had, on the storyline and multiplayer)

    It is not as good as i thought it would be... all that hype, for a mediocre, futuristic FPS. I can't see why anyone would prefer that game to the likes of UT, Gears of War and Resistance. (GoW i have played less of than Halo, and i liked it much more)

    As a game in itself, it sucks. The storyline might be ok, but for a First Person Shooter, gameplay is, in my opinion, the most important thing. The game just isn't good enough, they sacrificed Gameplay, and instead we got Half Decent Graphics, and more multiplayer features.

    This game is what all Xbox 360 fanboys are shouting about, "We have Halo and you only have MGS4". Whoever thinks that Halo 3 is the best the Xbox 360 has to offer you have been deprived. They are many games that are way superior to Halo in both Graphics and Gameplay. Its a mystery to me as to why Halo is the best selling Xbox game.
  12. IJmac
    obviously i agree partly with what you're saying there a few flaws in Halo, but for me i prefer the Halo series to pretty much every other game i've played including: Oblivion, GoW, Cod 4, Cod WaW etc. (which are probably the most popular games i've played) and though i like them all there is something about Halo (i don't know what) that makes me nearly always choose to play it when i go on the Xbox.

    Maybe i'm just weird but it is the most popular Xbox game so some other people must feel the same way.
  13. IJmac
    The 7th Halo game (Halo: Reach) was announced a few days ago. Looks like it's heading towards being a Final Fantasy
  14. Berethor
    But FF games were mostly all set in different galaxies/universes (with the exception of the numerous remakes and sequels, most are seperate with no links at all).

    Am i right in thinking all the Halo games so far have been set in the same universe, in the same time frame, and revolve around the same basic story? (regardless of whether you play as master chief)
  15. IJmac
    yup pretty much. Halo Wars was set around 20 years before and Reach is set a while before the rest aswell but they're all conected. Halo is being dragged to far i think because they might ruin the entire series if the make a mess of one of the games
  16. Berethor
    I guess thats the risk. Carrying the same storyline on and on gets a bit repetitive and boring. With each new Final Fantasy came a new story and world to explore.

    I think Elder Scrolls is probably closer to FF to be honest. Morrowind and Oblivion were so popular, their next will be a big hit. And because they keep the same basic recipe, but change the world and story, the game doesn't lose flavour. I think with First person shooters its different, the gameplay has to have significant changes in order to work. I guess we'll see what the next Halo does, as i heard its supposed to change the gameplay away from sci-fi FPS.
  17. NoObHeAd

    i totally agree with you about the fact its mediocre gameplay and (i think) quite bad graphics

    i think its so popular because it has a 'geek' factor and people become really obsessed i.e RED vs BLUE. and it has other factors such as customisable characters (which i think is such an important factor in games, it could sell them on its own - just take a look at the mw2 twitter site). Another thing that sells halo is the ranking. for some reason it just makes me want to get to lvl 50 in all game types

    i think it just has an addictiveness, same as travian, because in all honesty, travian is also quite bad, for a modern game. People just become obsessed, and want to perfect there multiplayer (and sometimes single player) skills.

    Anyway HALODST does actually look like a really decent game, and pretty decent graphics. but im only basing that on the videos at E3

    And i think HALO:REACH is what will either make the franchise milk itself to the grave or stop there
  18. Leon
    Final Fantasy got better as it went along all the way up to FFX, because as Berethor stated they changed it in significant ways to keep it interesting. I think the Halo games are pretty boring when they are pitted against FF and they dont have as many sequels yet i dont think.
  19. Ecofonin
    They'lll never get Halo as popular as final fantasy.
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