Official Rules

  1. DragonFyre
    1. Teams
    1a. All teams must have a clear theme. This theme can be based on colour, appearances, locations or types, etc. For type-based themes, a maximum of two types for the theme is permitted. All pokémon in the team must have at least one of the player's specified type(s).
    1b. There must be at least four different species of pokémon in each team.
    1c. Teams may contain one uber or legendary pokémon only.
    1d. One-hit KO moves such as sheer cold are not permitted.
    1e. All participating teams must be verified by Dragonfyre by October 10th. The player will need to PM me with their theme, the pokémon in their team and the moves of said pokémon.
  2. DragonFyre
    2. Battles
    2a. Battling will commence October 14th.
    2b. The arrangement of players at the start of the tournament will be decided by Dragonfyre. In the case of an odd number of participants, Dragonfyre will not participate in the tournament.
    2c. Battle times will be arranged by Dragonfyre and the battle participants. Once the battle has been completed, both players must confirm the results with Dragonfyre.
    2d. Players may not leave the battle purely because they believe they will lose. Battles must be played fairly and continue until one player is out of Pokémon.
    2e. In the case of a tie, the players must choose one pokémon from their team and rematch using the one pokémon only.

    2f. Any participant found to be breaching any rules will be automatically disqualified.
  3. DragonFyre
    3. Winners
    3a. The winner of the battle will be the person who defeats all of the opponent's pokémon. Extra credit or prizes will not be given for having more pokémon remaining.
    3b. The winners will receive prizes as follows:
    First place - Fully coloured image of trainer or pokémon, digital or marker-coloured with more detail
    Second and third places will receive digital lineart of a trainer or pokémon.
    The team whose theme is deemed most creative will also receive a digital lineart of one pokémon in their team.

    These rules may be updated at any time. Please do not reply to this thread. If you have a query, PM Dragonfyre or ask in the rules questions thread.
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