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  1. DragonFyre
    Got a question about the rules? Ask here.
  2. devilbells
    1d. One-hit KO moves such as sheer cold and moves such as explosion and selfdestruct are not permitted.

  3. DragonFyre
    Player sends out last pokémon, the opponent also has their last pokémon
    Player uses explosion to make match a tie
    I'm trying to avoid ties as that means another battle, albeit a short one (see updated rules )
  4. VelvetThighs
    errr... You do know that isn't a tie right?
  5. DragonFyre
    Assuming the opponent's pokémon fainted, it would be I thought
  6. VelvetThighs
    In competitive battling the exploder is considered the loser of the battle.

    Also explosion is a very useful move mid battle and would be a shame to lose it.
  7. DragonFyre
    Ah fair enough
    You can tell I don't do much battling
    I'll change it then
  8. El Ryano
    El Ryano

    2b. The arrangement of players at the start of the tournament will be decided by Dragonfyre. In the case of an odd number of participants, Dragonfyre will not participate in the tournament.

    Might I add 2.b.i. Players may only play and communicate in the third person

    It looks good, although I've already stated why I won't be able to take part. Would it be acceptable of me to submit a potential team anyway, just to showcase a theme (if I come up with one)?
  9. The Bling Wraith
    The Bling Wraith
    Will the pokemon be levelled up to 100 in the battles and will they get all their evs?
  10. DragonFyre
    @Ryan: You could still submit a theme, feel free
    What would people think of allowing a non-participating team to be considered for the most creative team prize? I'm leaning towards no but I'm open to comments/suggestions...

    @Bling Wraith: Yes, the Pokémon will be levelled up to level 100 in the battles. I don't get what you mean by the EVs part, though; the PvP battling system won't add EVs to them if they're levelled up to 100...
  11. The Bling Wraith
    The Bling Wraith
    My cloyster is level 50 and has a lot less evs than it would have at level 100 as by then they are all added. In the battles will these be added. Don't worry if you don't understand, I shall work it out somehow
  12. DragonFyre
    No, they won't be added, how would they be?
  13. chozen1
    First things first, I know I'm a little late, but please could I join? theme would be dragon and water. As for what the bling wraith means, I think he's saying that since the battle system 'levels up' lower level pokemon, would it give out any acquired EV's as though it had been trained in game. The answer is no, as this system only adds base stat increases, any EV's you haven't applied to your cloister yet don't count(even if you've earned them, because they aren't really there yet, in a sence) argh that was a pain to explain, even then I didn't write that apologies.
  14. DragonFyre
    You don't need to ask to join, as long as you've verified your team with me by the 10th of October then you can take part
    When I sort out the first battles, I'll try to match people up so that nobody is at a huge disadvantage.
  15. The Bling Wraith
    The Bling Wraith
    Thanks Chozen. That's what I meant
  16. The Bling Wraith
    The Bling Wraith
    I would be very grateful if it would be possible to have a team of cats and dogs (eevee,houndoom) Tell me if it is not
  17. DragonFyre
    Hmm, that should be fine, as long as all the pokémon do indeed resemble cats and dogs, if you have an exact list then you might want to check it with me first (PM)
  18. The Bling Wraith
    The Bling Wraith
    That's great. I shall work out the team shortly and Pm it to you
  19. astrox
    Can we start a new tourament becuase I missed the last one, and where doyou find leegendary blue pokemonor very strong Pokemon that are blue
  20. DragonFyre
    I don't plan on running another tournament in the foreseeable future.
    It helps if you give a better description of the Pokémon other than it's "Strong and blue"...
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