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  1. cheffie
    This is an area to pass on tips as a gaul to other gauls, what you have found that works and generally why gauls are the best tribe there is. (specailly as we will be masters of all in T4)
  2. cheffie
    I will start.

    I personally like gauls because of the TT's (Theutates Thunder), there fast, they hold alot of resources and can be used to repeatly raid or kill a players troops whille catas are rolling in.

    But the best part is the double crannys at the early stages, it allows you to sim up faster (to just make resource fields) and destroy everyone near you later in the game... know one can out build a good gaul after the 3rd week.

    Traps IMO are worthless, they just make players attack you more, better to make it not worth there whille through no resources and lose of troops with a high residence (lvl10 will kill troops less than 20) and you can use the resources you didn;t spend on traps to make higher lvl fields.
  3. chatter
    I like traps
    I've got 371 - all empty. Preparing for war
  4. Imperial Awesomeness
    Imperial Awesomeness
    I love TTs and Phalanxes early on because TTs are so fast and Phalanxes are an excellent defense against all.
  5. EDD
    look at it this way if your getting farmed alot on your feeder village:you have 20 slots for buildings excluding 1 for rally point and 1 for city wall, -1 for MB, -1 for marketplaceso 18, say 8 were crannys=16000 resource protectionand the rest trappers=4000 traps!that will cover any raids!!!
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