Is it a bit gay...

  1. WeWorshipFred
    for men to use hair straighteners?


    I say no. But some of my freinds (those straight-haired apricots) say yes.
  2. Turn

    My boundaries on what is and isn't gay is quite clear

    In that I hae no second thoughts of my answer

    Straightening is just a means of self grooming

    If it's manly to leave hair curly or just shave it off, why not apply that logic to the rest of our body and look terrible
  3. gilli247
    The answer is yes I do it myself and I'm ashamed to admit that it is

  4. Turn
    I've never been ashamed of my straightening necesity

    The occasional use o foundation/concealler I don't brag about though
  5. Mr mister
    Mr mister
    No way, I look way more queer with my hair not straightened
  6. ickledevil
    tis strange that im here cause i have short straight hair but anyway back to topic

    no it isnt end of!
  7. AfcAdw
    no! lol ickle my hair is straigh and i still use them they still make your look better somehow its wierd
  8. Windy
    No it's not, I look like a right tool with my curley hair.
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