1. SausageofDoom
    Surely there isn't just me and the saxophonist?
  2. Mickulty6
    I didn't even expect anybody else to join...
  3. SausageofDoom
    But MacNulty4 you know I can spell your name
  4. Berethor

    I can spell Mickulty fine, although once or twice i have got the number on the end wrong

    I could've sworn it was 8...
  5. Mickulty6
    That's fair enough. When I (read: if I ever again) log in to runescape I keep having to re-type it because I'm Mickulty5 on there.
  6. rune strider2
    rune strider2
    You play runescapape? or did?sheez i'm probs never gonna play it again.
  7. Mickulty6
    I'm level 60-something, haven't played in ages. Full rune, rune b-axe or d long.

    Gah, I feel unclean just from saying that.
  8. rune strider2
    rune strider2
    I was lvl 83 with full dragon...But quit like 4-5 months ago.
  9. Mouse-Keyboard
    I can spell Mickulty6
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