What is your favourite Gallic feature?

  1. Mouse-Keyboard
    What is your favourite Gallic feature?
  2. Xtracheese1997
    traps, defo
    they were the only thing that stopped me deciding to delete my speed account.
  3. Ecofonin
    Yeah, traps.

    And bigger crannies!
  4. umgowah
    Crannies - double cranny rocks (well until about the 3rd week)
  5. Virgo
    their speed
  6. Alex50036
    speed or crannys hard choice but Id say crannys for the first 3 weeks or so
  7. rotiboy
    bigger cranny,, and i have 3 in
    sorry if my english is bad..
  8. wardemon
    if you do some calculations a TT is the best raider of the game, it can bring in 2x the amount of res than a tut, the down side is getting TT's up and running asap within 14 days of start up
  9. L fierce
    L fierce
    Double Crannys Other wise you have to spend way to much res on crannys and they take up more space.
  10. plaknton
    2000 cranny cover traps defensive troops cheap settlers
  11. willetts
    crannys hiding 2000 res not 1000
  12. Lord Abdallah
    Lord Abdallah
    crannies at the beginning are the best
  13. docviper
    crannies and in T4 traps
  14. chatter
    I've got a level 19 trapper with 371 traps!
    But I still prefer the crannies.
  15. Imperial Awesomeness
    Imperial Awesomeness
    Defense in general! including crannies. I mean sure you can play offensive but their defense rocks! Plus I really did come here to annoy M K. (not really)
  16. Dover8
    THUNDER!!!! Na nah na nah na na nahaaa
  17. EDD
    Their defence, because less people will attack a gaul start of game because they will lose time and resources getting troops back and what not.
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