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Thread: Introductions & Farewells

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    I'm following the general trend. Have fun with Laika... I'll stick with the domains that are yet to provide me with evidence to doubt them

    Am on .in with same forum name, different IGN. I guess it's time to recreate my gameplay
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    Default Farewell

    This is a farewell of sorts

    basically i've just been told that i've got a promotion at work! woo, more money but dont worry, this is in no way through hard work, or indeen deserved at all.... is more of a, right, so you shoulda worked harder and earnt a promotion years ago... we're fed up with you, so here's the promotion.... either step up, or you're fired!!!

    (kinda funny that the least deserving in the company is the only one who is getting a pay rise this year) :p

    but yeah, part of it is that i have to move desk!! not only to the only desk that the screen is visible from anywhere in the office, but also with the regional manager looking over my shoulder

    so bye bye boredom relief, bye bye many hours of skyving, bye bye any web based activities at all really! apart from maybe lunch time!

    I know i dont make a valuble contribution to the forum anyway, but some of you may miss my bored ramblings and posts in the talk and play section!

    I'm not gone gone, more just gone...


    move desk on monday!

    tarra... sort of

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    I am making this post to announce my resignation from the role of Moderator. I am being very careful in how I phrase this so as not to break any rules and thus ensure that it is not deleted. I apologise for the length of this resignation but please stick with it.

    I first announced my resignation when Tullia's PM was published. However, at the time I was convinced to stay, as I was assured that Laika would be departing shortly. I thus saw the reason for my resignation removed, and my desire to make the UK Forums be the best that they could be meant that I was persuaded to stay, at least until Laika had gone to ensure some continuity. I received assurances from the man that he would step down if he were not fired. I have skype logs to prove this for any that doubt it.

    And yet we then see an apology from him. Something that is supposed to make everything okay? Well no, not even he believes that. He admitted himself when I spoke with him(and again, I have skype logs to prove this for any that doubt) that he doesn't deserve another chance. He said that things can never be okay. And yet still he remains. What sort of man stays where he is not wanted? Where even he recognises that he should not be? Where his continued presence ensures the decay of the place?

    I have since spoken to him several times. By my count, five times. Each time, asking him to explain what exactly he was apologising for and why this time would be any different(Considering that off the top of my head I can remember at least 3 prior apologies, albeit ones only visible to Crew, which are public knowledge and therefore my mentioning them here does not constitute leaking of information, which I will go on to discuss further later on). Anyway, as I said, I have contacted him on 5 seperate occasions asking those questions. And yet every time, he has suddenly had to go. Once or twice, is fair enough, it could have been simple misfortune. 5 times however? It smelled more than a little bit fishy to me. So then on this 5th time I asked Laika to simply PM me the answers. I gave him around about 24 hours to respond, more than enough time considering this wasn't the first time I had asked him. I set the deadline for 10pm on the 14th. That time passed with no response and so I posted my resignation to Crew. Now I'm sharing it with you.

    In addition, Laika has tried to libel me, spreading unfounded rumours that I had leaked posts from the Crew section to other users. I also 'lost' half of the Crew section mysteriously. On a not unrelated note, Tullia's posts from the Crew sections, incredibly useful and important as many of them were, all seem to have gone missing. This is all very interesting when we're told that Laika no longer has anything to do with the forums.

    To those who are trolling in an attempt to force Laika out, please don't. It doesn't achieve anything and makes it look like this is simply a witch hunt rather than a justified feeling of disgust at the actions of one individual. And whilst I'm on the point, Agge is a fair guy. Whilst we may not agree with his decision, I don't believe there is any need to insult him, and it definitely will not help our justified caused.

    Before I finish I'd like to say something directly to my former colleagues. Many of you have been very much sitting on the fence in this debacle. In my opinion, the time for that has passed. Whilst I hope that all those who I was friends with before can still remains friends, I feel it has to be said that I will lose a lot of respect for you as a professional if you remain in your roles. Whilst many of you claim to be continuing for the good of the Domain, I ask you, what good is what little you can do to support it, when compared with the rotting effect of Laika's continued Adminship?

    Anyway, I'll stop now. There was more I wanted to say but I'm having to be very careful that I don't get someone being very petty about rule 2.2.H. Farewell folks. I'll still be around on the forums to answer PMs and make the occasional snide/cynical remark about Laika's Adminship. But mostly I'll be over on .IN, I guess I'll see a fair few of you there
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    Fabs is right. Stop sitting on the fence and do something.

    also, bye, I'm off to .in. It's like UK but better.

    I would also like to thank everyone who made these two years enjoyable, but when I think about it, it's 2 years down the drain.
    Tread lightly

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    ok sad with all the people leaving, but at last some good news for those staying: im leaving too^^
    three years of spamming, flaming, arguing since i joined uk in the summer 07 then goes to an end. i didnt have as many posts as others here, but on the other hand not one single of them was constructive.

    not all to many around from the first days anymore, but lets say hi to some of all the great players who made the uk domain and servers special a last time:
    first and foremost sweetie pie, my beloved dual, kimi raikönnen, downs (?), elements of war (dazzle), whooah (non gold and still nr 1), pi ka chew (super ted), covmeister, das tanZende U (playing two servers without understanding a word^^), shamZz, animal (for the flaming), mann (for the 200 druids^^), addyman, weeblu, drakonus, leona, flood, n00bPhobia, peter, althunder, megatron, xy fei, gogutz (out of respect), chris guevara, azrael, papasmurf27 (for making a perfect victim), bungle, ragnarok, flabbyfred, pendulin, vee (for backstabbing me^^), princer, VomSaton, tazbtay, toby (you ruined s1 singledhanded^^), rekhyt, the Shark, loki (lokiS), matt (all of them), metal, gorganopsis (you taught me the teuton), bingedrinker, davy, wintermute, and so many more. And thanks to the great alliances TJA (for having no clue, thus picking me up^^), TGR (you were the best), Debello (although sim city) and rabbits.
    to all the foes out there: no problem with you really, just cant stand dullness^^
    over and out, see you on org.
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    Default new here

    Hey all, not long started here, Just thought I would post a hello to all of you


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    Oh hey, I'm just a lurker that finally decided to register

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    Default Kriptonic: Into the forum

    Hello fellow Travianees!

    I've played Travian for a long time, first server was UKX back in October 2007. Since then I've played a lot and not really been in the forum. I've had the odd check here and there but that is about as far as anything has gone.

    I plan to become a more active member of the community but first I wish to know what's going on. So, forumers, what do I need to know ?

    I am a good forum user, I know about rules, how to use so on so fourth. I need the gossip, who's who, the bad cop, the good cop, yanno...

    Consider this my introductory thread. (Mods, if it's in the wrong place, please move and not delete, Ta)

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    Hulagirl 5


    I doubt anyone relevant will read this but I'd just like to say thanks for a great few months getting to know people, I'm deeply sorry to have left so abruptly, but glad to see you are not only alive but flourishing. Hope all is well with you,


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    and im back again lol i come and go so often starting to get funny XD
    even in the deepest darkness
    they shall always be light

    even in the brightest light
    they shall always be darkness

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    Default Leaving

    Hi everyone,

    I have had my ups and downs on the forums and in game but I think it is time for me to leave you can raid the res out of my s4 account (Specail T) I will carry on helping on server 3 and may be lerking on the forums.

    If you were a friend of mine then you know who you are and I wish you all the best for the future in game and in RL don't feel hesitant to ask me questions about travian or to dual because you never know I might just say yes

    Add me on
    skype: turpinator5
    Xbox Live: TurpinatoR99

    Remember my name - Turpinator
    Signing out one last time - I love you Travian


    Xbox Live GT:

    x iJ 0 K 3 R x

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    ello i'm back for another go

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    Default Goodbye all

    Well over the least few months, I have seen alot of changes in the game, all for the worse if you ask me.

    So much so I have deleted all my accounts in every server.

    I have had lots of names in game, however them that know me know who I am.

    I wish you all some fun times playing the game, however I wont be returning after this post.

    After several years of playing here, it would have been nice to finish out another server and say goodbye to everybody, however it was not to be.

    Take care and have fun all


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    Hello again!

    This is a previous poster, who've recently decided to reincarnate himself, because I've felt that I've been at times overly zealous, impatient or downright rude and thus I want to have a clean state before me. I won't be publicly expressing my previous incarnation, however, it won't be too hard to figure it out after that guides I'll be revisiting.

    I'm hoping to eventually become a part of the crew and help the UK domain out by either being a Moderator, or a MH, as someone with previous experiences is Moderatorship & Game Mastering over WotC Official forums (SN: kedi).

    Thanks, and I hope to have a good time with you allagain!

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    Im back kinda Ill browse through
    Quote Originally Posted by TheKitchen View Post
    I like you.

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    Default i'm back ! :)

    hey there guys,

    glad to see ole travian is still going, and people are still interested, well just a short message to say i'm back in business, after everything thats happened i can say i'm over it all and hopefully here for the new speed server,

    good luck, peace out :p

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    Default So long and thanks for all the fish...

    I'm hanging up my travian hat. It's been emotional. Turns out I'm now a statistic of the big C, so going to spend some time away from the interwebs to live a little. Fun times have been had, and to all of those who saw my little video... you naughty rascals. Anyone wanting to stay in touch, drop a PM. Anyone but Fabs that is MMMMMMWWWWWWAAAAAAHH

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    Full timee job until september, then back to college. Money > Trav


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    Hey guys,

    Just posting to say, that I'm coming back.

    But, I wont be on as much as I used to be because of the .in Domain.

    Looking forward to talking to you all,


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