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Thread: Introductions & Farewells

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    Oct 2008
    In my house


    Hey I finally got motivated to join today, yay me, and felt the need to test my sig out
    A signature? What goes in here?
    ... something Unique? Like what?
    Like this? Eeeek, Cephalos

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    I shall take my leave of this place for as long as my mortal will endures...
    The Four Taulphanic Tomes of Ill-Repute

    The Poesy of Rage, The Chronicles of Weeping, The Unreadable Diary of Horse XVI
    and the Sol Invictus Edition of The Lulz That Ended Two Worlds.

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    This is a kind of goodbye.
    I'm not leaving for good.
    I'm not saying I won't come back.
    But right now, this isn't a place I want to be.

    No longer crew, and with the strictness of the mods rising again, there's a bad feel to the atmosphere.

    So I'd like to thank everyone who has made this place great over the past year.

    I can't list you all, for obvious reasons.
    I'd be here all night.

    But mostly, I'd like to thank these few people.

    Andrew [A.C.]

    Honestly, I never thought I'd make such a good mate from someone who I've never met, but still, I did.
    You're a pro.
    Absolutley brilliant bloke and one of the greatest laughs to be around.
    Much love man.

    James [Klebe]

    Knew I'd forget someone.
    You're awesome.
    Can't explain how much you've done for me lately.
    I honestly do hope things turn out the way you want.
    You deserve it.
    Love you. :']

    Hannah [Tune0112]

    You're epic.
    So funny when you phone me up randomly and giggle down the phone when we're both drunk.
    Good times had by all involved.
    And your friends are dirty!

    Emily [Sugar-Mouse]

    You Madame, are a darling.
    Full on adore you.
    You make me chuckle, and keep me smiling in those difficult times.

    Ross [Turn]

    Oi oi!
    More like me than many would ever believe.
    Chin up son, things ain't so bad homie.


    Love you x]
    My super mod man.
    Stay god like yeah?

    Josh [Puppet]

    Oh lover boy!
    Three way cam with a certain forum fittie ftw!
    You have to come down from Manchester at some point.
    You know it would be a rave.


    You're one foxy lady.
    Bucket loads of love for you, for making me smile.
    And turning me on.
    Will come see you soon, promise!


    What more can I say?
    You'll always be my auberginelomat.
    Keep up the epic jamspam.

    Much love to you guys in particular.
    Those of you who I haven't listed, doesn't mean I don't love you.
    Seriously though.
    There's so many people who've made this great.
    But there's also a few people who've done the opposite.

    Over and out.
    Last edited by Groggers; 15 Oct 2008 at 09:42 PM.

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    Default Er.. hi?

    I've just joined, and my 'lonely person' thread got redirected here.
    So... hi from the new girl!

    Anybody wanna be freinds?

    Thanks to everyone who's already said they would be!


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    Might as well do one of these.

    Hey, im the player formally known as Keiji_Maeda.
    RL name is Glen, and no its not short for anything, make it longer if you wish but i guarentee ive heard all of them....

    Ive been on Travian for a very long time now, started on the good ol' UK2 server when it first came out, I finished that in the top 500, which I think, was pretty respectable eh?

    Anyway.. nowadays.. not up to much, just joined .UK forums, thought i might as well seeing as im not Australian but i use the forums.

    Im studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths(P&S), Psychology and GCSE Chinese (my doss subject ) so call me mental/psychopathic... least ill get somewhere in life

    Ill stop there, or ill end up writing an essay... have a good one guys, and maybe ill see you around...

    EDIT.... smilies do not in IRC mode :

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    North Yorkshire, on the coast. Tis lovely.


    well to delieve a stark shock to you... im actually going to be taking action to remover traivian from my life as a whole really to be honest, that means the forum and ingame, when ive seen Noein and s4 to the end of their current runs which should be a couple of months of gameplay. Im just not getting that vibe from the forums anymore that drew me back really, even if only in a moderate sense really. So simply im going to be trying not to come on here as often and once s1 has finished im good for good, simple as, just thought id tell you all well in advance really, before i forget about this place fully really. ^_^

    Too many greats to name really, some are still here some are not, so i bid yee a slow farewell.

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    Just a quicky to say cya to the freinds I've made playing Travian. I've quit Travian now, mainly due to some issues which I can't go into.

    I'd like to give a mention to the crew I will miss the most:

    DragonFyre, Sidewinder, ToySoldier, Tullia, Yella, guywho, bybib, klebe, hrbdefender

    You are all top people, and it has been fun knowing you.

    To the people in my alliance on UKx:

    It's been fun while it lasted. It's been a long time playing with some of you, and with others it hasn't been long at all. You have all made the game fun until the fun got sucked out of it.

    To everyone on the forum:

    I might not have spoke to you all much individually, but some of you really have been fun to be around.

    To the ones that I haven't got along with for various reasons (you know who you are):

    You guys need to take a chill pill, take things at face value and treat people with respect. It really does make a difference when you are dealing with people online every day. A little respect goes a long way.

    To anyone else:

    Travian was fun, then it got the life sucked out of it. The best advice I can give anyone is to quit when they have finished a server that they have enjoyed and to not carry on. Travian loses all its fun when there are disrespectful people who can't communicate clearly, if at all, running a server. Try something else, don't get addicted, and most of all do not let Travian ruin your life. There are much more important things like doing well at school, college and uni, doing your best at your job, having a social life, freinds and boyfreinds/girlfreinds and generally being part of the world and not stuck in front of a computer screen all day.

    Take care everyone

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    I may aswell say farewell between the hours of 10am-10pm because the internet goes way too slow as there is too many people sharing the internet in the building :/

    Meaning between those hours it can take me anywhere from 5 minutes - 1 hour to reply to a single post, which is ridiculous.
    Crouching Tiger, ready to pounce...
    Jeremy Clarkson: "If you have all the facts to hand, you will see there are two sides to every argument and that both sides are right. So you can only have an opinion if you do not have all the facts to hand"

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    i am leaving tonight

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    Im going on holiday tommorow, until 3rd November.

    So bye to all, I will miss you (except joes).

    Cyprus ftw

    Quote Originally Posted by Tilifika View Post
    I'm a musician/Writer/Poet, literally everybody wants to get with this. Y'know what I'm sayin' dog?

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    Pretty in Pink
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    I never thought I was going to say this, but after certain things on this forum, most of which haven't been nice, I'm going to have to say goodbye.

    I'm not doing a list because I'd miss people out.

    To those who are concerned, I hope you're happy now

    In summary, TRUST NO-ONE, except Chloe. - MikeyNinja

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    Some where


    Of to go climb some hills or something. Ruddy lake district.


    "When the rich wage war, It's the poor who die!"

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    Default Hi

    I just thought i would pop in and say hi, some of you may remember me from last server where i played as Nizdam i was also : ) on the forum before it was deleted so i thought i would come out of hiding.

    So yeh, hiya

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    Pretty in Pink
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    My name is Chloe, I'm 18 and apparently I'm not allowed to leave the Travian forums...

    In summary, TRUST NO-ONE, except Chloe. - MikeyNinja

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    il leaving travian for a week or so

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    Hi guys.
    I'm back
    Not much to say really...
    *Shuffles feet*
    Umm... cookies for all?

    What kind of pokemon are you? How do you do the things you doooo ~

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    Sorta introduction:p

    I am back at this account:d
    Oh wait gotta edit my sig , this is still the old one.

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    Hello everyone.
    Been reading a while, thought I'd finally come say hello.

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    hi my name is chloe just started again really i did play for a week around a year ago but back now i think fully lol. im 16 tomorrow go to school and live in england (not to give exact place away) looking forward to be playing travian when s3 is on

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    I'm back! Did you guys & gals miss me?

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