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Thread: Sitter activity and monitoring

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    Sitter activity and monitoring

    Can you include a side menu option to include the monitoring of any assigned sitter to the account.

    1) Captures logon times.
    2) Building/Resource upgrades.
    3) Resource movement.
    4) Troop movement.
    5) Troop training.
    6) Sitter read messages.
    7) Travian Plus - Gold usage.
    8) When account holder logged and active - then sitter should not be able to log on to account.

    Reason: There is no monitoring to see how the sitter has grown your village/s. Except having to keep logging on and monitoring the said list. Might as well get rid of sitter function in that case.


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    1) Captures logon times.

    Would be interesting, not sure how useful it is as they can log a lot on and do nothing, or log on a little but do a lot.

    2) Building/Resource upgrades.

    Sorry, but this is lazy - you should know your villages well enough and have an agreed plan with your sitters about what to upgrade when.

    3) Resource movement.

    Hmmm - better option would be to make it impossible for a sitter to delete IGMs, battle or marketplace reports. Would solve this problem and others.

    4) Troop movement.

    see response to point 3

    5) Troop training.

    Sorry, but this is lazy - you should know your queues well enough and have an agreed plan with your sitters about what to build where. I never go offline without knowing when my queues run out.

    6) Sitter read messages.

    There have been numerous threads about this before - If you see my note about point three, then all you need to do is remember what time you last logged on.

    7) Travian Plus - Gold usage.

    Apart from NPC, they can't anyway. And again, knowing the status of your account when you last logged off makes it obvious how much they have spent on NPC.

    8) When account holder logged and active - then sitter should not be able to log on to account.

    Sometimes I want my sitter on as well. If I am raiding then they can be raiding too, we get more raids sent out faster that way. Or I can deal with IGMs while they raid etc.

    In summary: I would support measure to prevent them concealing evidence of things i.e. being unable to delete reports. I see no need for visible "records" of what they have done - I believe you should know your villages well enough to see at a quick glance what has taken place.

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    Tullia i agree with you on most points. however, if you choose your sitter carefully and you trust them you wont have issues with knowing what has or has not been done.

    My sitters usually either IGM me or skype me to let me know of what they have done anyway so there is constant communication between us negating the need for the mesures mentioned in the first point.

    If you cant trust your sitter maybe you should look for a new one that you can trust

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    I'd like to turn OP's point 6) 'Sitter read messages' around slightly and suggest that a sitter shouldn't be able to read your received/sent messages - some may be quite personal.

    Telling/asking a sitter not to doesn't stop them from doing it - for example, it would be quite easy to forget you're sitting for someone and click on an unread message and read something you shouldn't... and of course the owner would know you'd read it...

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    suggest that a sitter shouldn't be able to read your received/sent messages - some may be quite personal
    Obvious flaw in your suggestion is that a long term sitter (more than 3 days,,, but less than 2 weeks), wouldn't be able to read messages requesting aid/support from allies,,, or threat/peace terms from aggressors.

    I think your message sensitivity should be your own responsibility when you select a sitter.
    It might be helpful to add a note to the sitter designation system stating something to this effect, (for those people who cannot come to this conclusion by themselves).

    An alternative suggestion might be an additional archive that can be locked against sitters, for "Plus" accounts.

    Of the original list ,, the only one i personally like is for "sitter logins" to be recorded.
    Knowing your kingdom is being checked while you are away on holiday/giving birth/drunk in jail, can only be an asset. A sitter who doesn't login is a hazard no one can avoid,, but could prevent from happening again.
    If you are the virus, We are The Cure

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    I failed to mention that the points above should be looked at a dual sitter perspective.

    You mention that people should know what is going on in each village - true - but people do forget. But knowing what you have - does not stop the sitter from changing them.

    When you are talking about having two sitters - which I did - one did not follow the letter of my instructions with no comms as to what they did. As such I lost 3 days off my aim - and I lost what I was aiming for to someone else.
    That sitter is no longer a sitter - but they did give me a different outlook.

    Then maybe a permission template could be used, for most/all the points above to limit what the sitter can do.
    For example in outlook you have Author/Owner/Reader rights.
    For buildings/resources you could filter which buildings/resources can be upgraded.
    For IGM could have full/read/no read access.
    For Troop training could say what troops to train and possibly limits.

    I think you could be seeing the idea.. because I believe this will enable the owner to keep control and progress their village within their wishes and tactics. Instead if being influenced by your sitters tactics.

    Feel free to shoot this one down - but would you want control?

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