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    The third episode just finished and I must say, it is very interesting indeed.

    It's a Comedy/Mystery about 5 seemingly unconnected characters(Mr. Jelly who is a one handed clown, Joy a woman who has a doll for a son, Mr. Lomax who is a blind first-gen beanie collector, Robert a dwarf with psychic powers and David a serial killer obsessed man-child) who went to the same mental intuition for various reasons. For example, Joy thinks a doll is her son. They are all receiving mysterious items in the post (For example - they all got a letter stating 'I know what you did')

    It is written by two of the league of gentlemen, so it was always going to be brilliant, I think this is shaping up to be as good as the league but it's quite not up to par yet.

    It's a brilliant whodunnit, so I suggest you check it out on iPlayer.
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    Also BBC are running a rather good site with a lot of extra material:

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    I just watched it. Weird but good.

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    i prefere legue of gentelmen

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