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Thread: The Story of Hydroboy

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamln View Post
    so you looked travian and said to your self, "it will not be fun but ill play so i can win"
    Winning the game is fun for some people.
    I don't understand how one could like endgame though, but whatever.
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    No, I said to myself, "I'll play to win, and have as much fun as possible without sacrificing winning to have fun."

    Winning IS fun.

    As for the endgame, it might not be "fun" but it is when the winners are determined, and so, it is fun in that regard.

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    Hmmm I really like end game (which might be a lil strange); but I joined my first server a few weeks before end game started (oops) and I loved seeing the army reports and the propaganda on the forum, the different build strategies, and the infamous iron mine attack

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