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Thread: Raising Alliance Standards

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    Raising Alliance Standards

    Raising alliance standards.

    This guide is designed to help you make your alliance look more professional in-game

    Alliances are a vital part of the Travian experience. Whether you decide to join a sprawling Meta with the goal of finishing a WW or an elitist attack squad trying cripple a server you will expect your alliance to adhere to certain standards. I have written this guide to all those who are thinking of starting (or already have) an alliance. Written with the intention of helping you make your alliance look more professional and appeal more to strong players.
    Before you start you should make sure you have a good idea of what sort of alliance you want to have. Without forward planning you will probably end up in a mess and end up having to revise your alliance and remove members that don't fit in with your alliances ethos, so it is definitely worth taking some time to plan the type of alliance you want before starting it.

    Part one – Your alliance profile page.

    1)First Impressions - “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” The layout of your alliance page should be the first thing you think about. If it is untidy and poorly laid out then people will assume the same of your alliance. If the information is out of date people will assume that you are not a very active alliance. If you have a neat and well organised page people will see that you are a neat and well organised alliance.
    Try not to bog your page down with irrelevant information. This will help to keep it tidy and it will mean you need to update it less frequently. Remember you have a forum to expand on any information that you don't want to cram onto your alliance page.

    2)Spelling and Grammar – Some of the biggest mistakes people make are spelling and grammar mistakes. Some people ask if these things really matter, surely if you get your information across then its all good right? Wrong! People who play Travian tend to care about these things and you will lose the interest of a lot of players instantly if you make stupid mistakes. There really is no excuse for poor grammar – get a good spell check and if necessary get someone to proof-read it for you.

    3)ASCII art – If you have to put this on your profile page don't overdo it. A small insignia, in some cases, can look good as a header but flooding your page with ASCII skulls, swords, castles or little people makes your alliance look as though its run by school children. You shouldn't need a man with a banner telling people to check the forum (if they are not checking it they probably shouldn't be in your alliance) and you shouldn't need a compass or a list of embassy levels either, these things make it look as though you are recruiting poor players who are incapable of knowing even this simple information.

    4)Quotes and jokes – A quote or a joke, used well, can really help to keep someone browsing your page but don't put one on just for the sake of it, and if you do put one on make sure it is only one. If someone wants a list of quotes or jokes they will use google.

    5)Things you may wish to include! - You should definitely include information on what type of alliance you are and some of your goals. Are you an aggressive raiding alliance looking to destroy world-wonders, a peaceful meta looking to build up a world-wonder or just a group of people looking for friendship and fun. Including this will make sure you get the right sort of people applying.
    If someone has come to your alliance page to contact you it should be clear who they should contact. This will probably mean clearly defining your leadership roles in a way that people will understand. Diplomat, recruiter, forum admin all clearly indicate who should be contacted with specific things.
    Recruitment information is often a good way to let people know if it is worth applying but you should keep to some simple points and then expand in your forum if necessary. Whatever you do decide to add just remember; neatness, spelling and simplicity and you should end up with a good looking and relevant alliance page.

    Part two – Alliances and NAPs.

    1)Do not, and this is a big do not, have unnecessary alliances. There is absolutely no point allying with half the server. If you send out and accept alliances at random all you will do is stunt the growth of your own alliance by limiting farming opportunities. Also, I can guarantee that having a load of alliances will alienate aggressive players for exactly the same reason.

    2)Keep your alliances up do date. Having a good diplomat will help you in this task. Alliances will most often be temporary affairs made for specific goals or reasons. Once the goal is accomplished the alliance can be broken off. It is also true, that here in Travian, alliances can be weakened dramatically overnight. You do not want to be associated with dying alliances else people may think you are going the same way. Make sure your diplomat is keeping up to date with all your allies affairs.

    Part three – Score isn't everything (in fact its hardly anything) but what is important?

    A lot of alliances are only concerned with holding the number one spot and boast about it continuously. Having a lot of population however is not the ultimate way of showing your alliance is a good one. Filling up your places just to get population is the biggest way of looking amateur that I can think of.

    1)Geographical Location – It is important for troop coordination to keep your alliance close – not so close as to stunt farming but not so far away as to make it impossible to defend each other. The more peaceful an alliance you are the closer you will want to be spaced on the map. This is much more important than having a high score.

    2)The right sort of person – If you know what type of alliance you want to be you will only want a certain type of player. Peaceful metas will not want big raiders in the alliance causing trouble and raiding alliances are unlikely to want members with low troop numbers. Getting the right sort of person will help give your alliance an identity (or solidify an existing one).

    3)Troop numbers
    – Unless you are building an alliance solely based on friendship (a quick way to get wiped out) troop numbers are arguably the most important factor to a good alliance. You cannot survive if you cannot fight. Aggressive (elitist) alliances will want a lot of offensive troops per member. In defensive alliance (metas), members will be more likely to need defensive troops, probably in much smaller numbers per player than their aggressive counterparts (usually because there are more players to share the troop burden)
    Getting your members to build troops (and checking if necessary) is vital to any successful alliance

    4)Tools – I will expand on this in the next section.

    Part four – Tools of the trade!

    Using the right tools can not only make your alliance look good but can also help you achieve the goals you and your alliance have set for yourselves.

    1)An active forum – Whether you choose to use the in-game forum or an external one it should be well maintained and highly active. Promoting games and fun will keep your members coming back – just take a look at the forums here at Travian UK. They are always well maintained and something interesting is always going on.

    2)Instant communication – In my opinion you cannot beat IRC as the best tool for this job but any way that your alliance can communicate instantly will do. Having a tool like IRC or Skype can really promote friendship within the alliance and will help coordination of troops incredibly easy.

    3)Troop Tool – Troop Tool gives alliance leadership some powerful tools that will help them run the alliance. It works only if members update it frequently so often requires reminders. Once an alliance gets into the swing of using it however it can help alliance leadership coordinate troop movements. As a ex-alliance leader I found it a powerful tool and I often check to see if an alliance will be using it before I will join.

    If you follow this simple advice you should be able to set up an alliance that will, at the least, not be ridiculed by strong players and could possibly achieve the goals you set out. If I have missed anything please feel free to expand on this guide. It would be excellent if we could have a server filled with professional, well planned out alliances. Not only will it be easier on the eye but will probably help in creating a more exciting server.

    Thanks for reading.

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    great guide, made me rethink some of the more "noobish" parts of my alliance description.
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    Really good guide but it's in the wrong section.
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    Probably it would be better to join an elite mega alliance
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    ASBO is full of Chavs and Hoodies.. hence the name.. I love my guys and girls and if they wish to use text talk then they may.. after all the schools had no luck teaching them.. somehow i dont think they will listen to you.. it takes me to get them to listen *rolls her eyes*

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    Shelly, it takes a very skilled, patient, calm, person to be able to organise us ASBOS :^)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apollo View Post
    If you follow this simple advice you should be able to set up an alliance that will, at the least, not be ridiculed by strong players and could possibly achieve the goals you set out. If I have missed anything please feel free to expand on this guide. It would be excellent if we could have a server filled with professional, well planned out alliances. Not only will it be easier on the eye but will probably help in creating a more exciting server
    But if the servers only had professionel alliances in them then we wouldn't have any noob alliances to laugh at!
    As far as a guide goes it's excellent it's definately good to see a great guide after the last one I read
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    Intelligent guide


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    Fantastic guide and nicely written!

    What might be a nice addition is recruitment. For example, how not to annoy people by simply loading up the stats page, clicking 20 people above and below and sending the same message of "lolol!!!1 hi wnt 2 join mi allianz?!/ were gud - rite bak!" - or whether you should take a back seat and let stronger players come to you by setting the example etc.

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    You know your stuff

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