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Thread: Travian Designer V1.1 Béta

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    It's round midnight now, and I might not be thinking straight, but what about being able to make a map of any custom way. So you could make or plan the perfect stronghold, or something like that? I dunno! Just came to mind when playing on travian.

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    hmm actually thats not a half bad idea I map would be nice, abit delusional in some ways, but still a nice idea. I really like this my only concern is it dosen't seem to have a save button. Either that or I'm bein' stoopid.
    I actually just make it so I can make random villages and maybe actually plan my future uses.
    In fact I may even right a guide. (not about the app but using the app in the guide for pictures.)
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    If the map could be linked with a server, so it had the certain field types then you could make a SH showing who gets what croppers etc, or are those for norty peoples?

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