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    hey errrrrm i see it releitively often in ww attck reports and i just saw one in my alliance attack page......
    how do you get 2 heros instead of 1?

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    You cant, its impossible! Are they defnesive reports?

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    You can re-inforce a village with as many Heroes as there are accounts This will explain why you see them in the defensive part of reports. You shouldn't ever see one on the attacking side however.

    Also, on a kind of related note, you can have a maximum of 3 Heroes on your account, but only one can be alive at a time. If you wish to use another you must kill the current one, where you will then be given the option to revive another of your Heroes

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    When more than 1 hero is seen in the defensive section of an attack report, it's because other players have sent their heroes to the village as reinforcements. The defending player (as with any player) can only have one hero alive at a time.

    The advantages of reinforcing an allied village with your hero are:

    1. Your hero gets some xp depending on how many attacking troops were taken out and how many heroes are in the village
    2. Your hero's defence 0-20% bonus affects any reinforcing troops you have stationed there so you can help the defender take out more troops for less loss.

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    It's defending a village not attackig unless that's a fake report

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