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    The first UK T4 server - s7 - will start on Wednesday, February 16th at 5am UK time. You can register your account from Monday 14th.

    While many things haven't changed in T4, there are also many differences. Due to the efforts of many people, the UK forums are a rich source for technical knowledge and strategies. However, a lot of that information will need revising (or in some cases confirming). The moderating team thought players would find it useful to have a T4 specific sub-section for guides and questions. Most of us have got a steep learning curve ahead of us so it'd be great if we can share some of that experience on the forum.

    If you have played a T4.0 beta server or fancy starting an account, working through quests and farming techniques and writing about them to help new players - we'd love to hear from you and see threads and posts made by you in the new Travian 4.0 guide sub-section.

    The Guide section is completely dependent on players such as yourselves, to write about your experiences and share your knowledge with others. As staff we are also going to try our best to bring you new guides and information about T4.0 to make this transition easier.

    Travian 4 not only includes enhanced graphics and a new map, but also a completely new Hero system. The Natars, a powerful tribe in the world of Travian, will be with you right from the start for the first time.

    Useful resources:

    T4 answers page:

    T4 Development blog: which includes section on:


    Revised buildings part 1:
    (Stonemason's Lodge, Tournament Square, Hero's Mansion, Trapper)
    Revised buildings part 2:
    (Main Building, Merged Blacksmith and Armoury, City Wall, Earth Wall, Palisade,
    Revised buildings part 3:
    (Marketplace, Rally Point)

    Heros, Adventures and Auctions

    Revised Hero System: and and (which includes the new Adventures and Auctions)

    Map, Natars, Reports

    Guide to the new T4 map:
    Independent Natarian Tribe Villages:
    Reports: Enhancements and Vicinity Reports:

    Misc. changes and information

    Gold Club and other minor changes:
    (Evasion, Trade routes, Plus features, cheaper settlers, Alliances)
    Interface Improvements:

    Art Design and Release Date:
    T4 development: behind the scenes:

    Most of these posts were written before the closed and open beta servers, so there may have been changes / fine-tuning in a number of areas. If in doubt, look it up in and confirm via experience in-game.

    For those of you who are not a fan of T4.0, don't fear - all the old guides will remain until we know what is going to happen with classic servers. And as long as there is a T2.5 or T3.6 out there, our Guide forum will cater to that version's information and mechanics.
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