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Thread: OLD - T4.0 Quest Guide

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    Default OLD - T4.0 Quest Guide

    A new version of this guide exists here Featured: Avi's T4.2 Quest Guide
    The following guide applies to T4.0 servers only.

    Travian Version 4 Quest List

    Once you have registered your account you will be welcomed to the village by the Task Master

    You have Two options:
    • Click on the first Task
    • Look arround on your own
    If you choose to Look around on your own then you will be able to do the tasks later by selecting the task master however he will not prompt you untill you click him

    If you start the tasks you will have to complete them one by one, receiving rewards for each task

    The Task Masters




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    Task 1: Woodcutter

    „There are four green forests around your village. Construct a woodcutter on one of them. Lumber is an important resource for our new settlement.”

    Order: Construct a woodcutter.
    Task reward: Woodcutter instantly completed.

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    Task 2: Crop

    „Now your subjects are hungry from working all day. Extend a cropland to improve your subjects' supply. Come back here once the building is complete.”

    Order: Extend one cropland
    Task reward: 1 day Travian Plus

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    Task 3: Your Village's Name

    „Creative as you are, you can grant your village the ultimate name.
    Just double click on the signpost with the village name...”

    Order: Change your village's name to something nice
    Task reward: 130 160 130 100

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    Task 4: Rally Point

    „In your surroundings, there are many mysterious places for you to explore. To prepare for these adventures, you need a rally point.
    The rally point must be built on a specific building site in your village centre. The building site is located on the right side of the main building, slightly below it. The building site itself is curved.”

    Order: Build the rally point
    Task reward: Rally Point instantly completed.

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    Task 5: Go Adventuring

    „Adventures can only be done by your hero. Look on the map for a nearby adventure. With some luck you´ll find a treasure.”
    Select the Adventure tab and you will see a list of adventures. Choose one and then confirm
    Once completed you will see the report under the report tab

    Order: Start your first adventure.

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    Task 6: Other Players

    „In Travian, you play with a lot of other players. Click 'statistics' in the top menu to look up your rank and enter it here.”

    Stats Icon

    Then on the stats list look for your name (it will be highlighted in green)
    You will see: Rank; Name, Alliance, Population, No. of Villages

    Order: Look for your rank in the statistics and enter it here. Hint: "Here" means the white blank under the task screen. When you're done, click the "complete task" button.

    Task reward: 80 110 60 40

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    Task 7: Two Building Orders

    „Build an iron mine and a clay pit. Of iron and clay one can never have enough. Thanks to the Plus account I gave you a short while ago, you can give both orders right away.”

    * Extend one iron mine.
    * Extend one clay pit.

    Task reward: 150 160 130 150

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    Task 8: Messages

    „You can talk to other players using the messaging system. I sent a message to you. Read it and come back here.”
    New messages show as the number of unread messages in a green box beside the message icon.

    Order: Read your new message.

    Task reward: 20

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    Task 9: One Each.

    „In Travian there is always something to do! While you are waiting for the result of your adventure, build an additional woodcutter, clay pit, iron mine and cropland to level 1.”

    Order: Extend one more of each resource tile to level 1.

    Task reward: 100 120 40 40

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    Task 10: Neighbours

    „Around you, there are many different villages. One of them is named xxx`s village.
    Click on 'map' in the header menu and look for that village. The name of your neighbours' villages can be seen when hovering your mouse over any of them.”

    Order: Look for the coordinates of xxx`s village and enter them here. Hint: Fill the white blank with the coordinate of this player. When you're done, click the "complete task" button.

    Task reward: 60 30 40 90

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    Task 11: Change Hero's Production

    „Hero's like you are not only great adventurers, but also great workers and can produce resources. At the moment, you are producing one of each type.”

    Note: As your Hero gets more experience you can add points to the resource settings which inturn will allow your hero to produce more resource bonus.

    Order: Change the resource production of your hero in the hero settings.
    Task reward: 200 of the resource you changed it to (so for example 200 in case your hero produce now lumber).

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    Task 12: Read Adventure Report

    „You finished your adventure with success. Read the report to find out details about this adventure.”

    Unread Report

    Report Overview

    Adventure report

    Order: Read adventure report. Hint: You can see these by clicking on the 5th button (from left to right).

    Task reward: 75 140 40

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    Task 13: 2nd Adventure

    „Since your last adventure was a huge success, we´ll go on another adventure.”
    Order: Send your hero on another adventure.

    Task reward: 2 days Travian Plus.

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    Task 14: Everything to 1.

    „Now we should increase your resource production a bit. Extend all your resource tiles to level 1.”
    Order: Extend all resource tiles to level 1.

    Task reward: 75 120 30 50

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    Task 15: Dove of Peace

    „The first few days after signing up, you are protected from attacks by your fellow players. You can see how long this protection lasts by adding the code [#0] to your profile.”
    Order: Write the code [#0] into your profile by adding it to one of the two description fields.

    Hint: YOu will find you profile by clicking on your name under the hero icon
    Hint: remember to hit save after entering the code
    Hint: You'll see a white dove in your profile after complete doing this. If the dove is a bit dark that mean you still have the protection. If the dove is lighter, that mean you have no longer beginner protection)

    Task reward: 120 200 140 100

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    Task 16: Cranny

    „It's time to construct a cranny. The world of Travian is dangerous.
    Many players live by stealing other players' resources. Build a cranny to hide some of your resources from enemies.”

    Select an Empty building slot

    Order: Construct a cranny
    Task reward: 150 180 30 130

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    Task 17: To Two!

    „In Travian, there is always something to do! Extend one woodcutter, one clay pit, one iron mine and one cropland to level 2 each.”

    Order: Extend one of each resource tile to level 2.

    Task reward: 60 50 40 30

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    Task 18: Instructions

    „In the in-game instructions, you can find short information texts about different buildings and types of units.
    Click on the black book down in the left corner to find out how much lumber is required for the barracks.”

    Select Short Instructions

    Select Buildings / military

    Barrack Overview

    Order: Enter how much lumber the barracks costs.

    Task reward: 50 30 60 20

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