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Thread: ElementalGodz & Steve10's T4 Gaul Guide

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    Default ElementalGodz & Steve10's T4 Gaul Guide

    WORK IN PROGRESS. NOT COMPLETE! If you have suggestions the best way to get them added would be to send me a Private Message, if you post in the thread it's like the different posts will become disjointed. We expect the guide to have a minimum of 10 posts.

    This guide was written jointly by Steve10 & ElementalGodz. The guide is primarily written for accounts on Travian 4 servers however most aspects will be perfectly applicable to earlier classic versions. If you would like to recreate this guide for your own forum you must seek permission from myself first.

    If you enjoyed this guide and are looking for more information about Travian 4 servers you may enjoy Benchmark's & Steve10's Guide to Settling in the Grey Zone.

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    Why choose Gaul?

    There are many reasons to chose Gaul, one of these is because they are the most defensive tribe, Teutons are the most offensive tribe, and finally Romans are a mix of both (if you wish to play Romans we have a start guide available here). If you donít like getting attacked, and may not be online often enough to raid, then Gaul is the best choice for you. However Gauls also have the fastest and most efficient raiders called the TTís (Theutates Thunder).

    While Gallic troops are geared towards defense they are also incredible quick to move around and mean that even with less time you can still do as much (or as little) raiding and attacking as you would like to. This speed can also play a crucial role in helping to defend your own villages and the villages of your friends and allies by giving you the edge time wise over the slower Teutons and Romans.

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    Choosing & Creating your Account:

    When you start, one of the most important things that will effect the rest of your game is how you decide to begin your account. Even the smallest things, such as your account name, can have a major affect on your game and the issues that may arise. Thatís why itís crucial to make the right decisions when you begin, while mistakes you make now can (in most cases) be fixed later in the game a successful beginning can be the difference between success and failure over the course of a server.

    Choosing your name is the very first thing youíll be asked to do, itís pretty simple really, you want to choose something that you would be proud to call yourself and is pretty unassuming. If you choose a name like DEATHSLASHER5, then thereís a good chance that you will call attention to yourself from many of top raiders and thatís something that you donít want to find happening at the beginning of the game. Avoid swearing in your name as well, and lastly donít use any other languages apart from English in your name as you can get banned for that, as not only is this a violation of the game rules which may be punished but it could also cause offence to players in your area.

    Next is your location, if you have an alliance pre-planned (meaning that you have discussed with your friends and are planning to work together for the server) then you need to start in the same area they will be. If not then you should take a guess, I prefer to know what area Iím starting in rather than setting it on random but thatís a matter of preference. Once the server begins youíll have the opportunity to find out about the best alliances in your area and if you play well thereís a chance you would qualify for a place within them.

    Once youíve activated your account, if you want to, you are able to create a public profile for yourself. This will be many peopleís only impression of you and itís important that you show off a positive public face. Thereís a number of things that you should never do:

    • Use Foreign Languages - These are against the rules and annoy people who donít speak them.
    • Make Bold Claims - No raider has ever been scared off by someone writing that theyíve killed 50 rats, or that they have 1 million troops and know all the top players. This really annoys people.
    • ASCII Art - Making fancy ASCII Images like monkeys, dragons, etc.
    • Asking for Duals - Stating what times you are online as this will allow raiders to find out when you are not on your account and kill your remaining troops and farm you
    • Birdie - Donít go adding the bird - [#0] to your profile straight after your account is created because people will find out when you are out of Beginners Protection, and they will most likely decide to raid you. Add it for the quest that requires it and then remove it straight after, if you want to re-add it after you are out of BP then that is fine.

    Instead of these itís more acceptable to write something small about yourself, nothing that is too boastful or would give away details of your account. A joke which is a couple of lines long is good as well especially if itís a Travian or gaming related joke.

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    The First Step

    The first step would be to chose which style to play, I normally chose offensive with a mix of defence in every other village except my hammer village, after that it will tell you about quests below.

    When you begin the game will display a series of quests for you to complete, these act as a sort of tutorial to explain different features of the game and are a great way to earn extra resources while expanding your knowledge of the game. There are two types of quests, the first set of quests will teach you all the basics of the game and the next quest is always activated once you have completed the previous quest in a sequential order. However once you have completed these quests a new set of quests which can be completed in any order will become available. For this guide I would suggest you begin by completing all the quests in the sequential section and then stop doing the quests after that point.

    While you are completing these quests you should also be sending your hero out to start completing adventures. Itís really important that you send your hero out to all the adventures that you have available and that become available as some of the items, resources and troops that receive will really help push your account forward faster and help you move through this guide. As the game progresses the quests will become increasingly harder and cause your hero more damage, thatís why itís very important for you to put your Hero Attribute Points.

    On a normal speed server you should have had more than enough time to complete the set of quests before the end of beginners protection and on a speed server, depending on a variety of factors you should also have completed them before your protection runs out. If you havenít then move on to the next steps at least a few hours before you do run out of protection, if you have then move on as soon as you have finished.
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    Donít go joining the best alliance asking you to join, wait a few weeks/days and then ask and at least read who the recruiter is, if they are still accepting new members, if they have a recruitment form they want you to fill and so on, also make sure you are in the same quadrant as the alliance you are applying for as it will be hard to help other members (ie: resources, troops), the following reasons are push factors:- taking your farms and you can do nothing about it, they are a bunch of noobs/farms. However there are a few pull factors such as them helping you out, old friends from another server and many more

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    I have 2 Strategies of starting off a Gaul, I will explain my first one first.

    Strategy 1: Follow the Questmaster's Quests until you get to the step you can chose which Quests you want to do, from that step upgrade all Resource Fields to Level 6, whilst upgrading the Warehouse & Granary, and doing the Adventures to gain extra resources/hero for player beneficial, then after all fields are at 6, go straight for TT's and start farming your favourite farms (this is what I did for T4)

    Strategy 2: Get all your Resource Fields to Level 1, and build Main Building to Level 3, and then Rally Point, then Barracks, whilst collecting Questmaster's resources, build 50 Phalanx to raid with (raid the small people who you think are safe and have no troops), start raiding with 4 Phalanx, as if you raid with 2 there is a high chance you will lose at least 1 with a level 1 wall. After 50 Phalanx, keep raiding whilst saving for TT Research, raid with TT's and use Phalanx to defend yourself. (this Guide worked with T3, but it should still work for T4, but even easier for T4)

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    T4 Overall Advantages

    Since T4, it has been easier to raid due to removing the cranny dip for Teutons, more quests so Gauls have a better start, and Adventures, and since T4 the Settlers have reduced by 5,000 resources, so instead of using 75,000 resources to build all 3 Settlers, it will only cost 60,000 which is a deduction of 15,000 meaning it will be easier to kick off your first New Village. T4 also has a new feature allowing you to use Cages to defend your village by using cages, to do this, select a Nature Oasis on your Map, and sending a raid with the Hero on it's own, but before you do make sure you have them equipped, otherwise your Hero is likely to do. Go to Hero, click Cages, select how many you want, it would be best to chose a village with Wild Boars, Crocodiles, Tigers, or if your lucky Elephants try to find the best units instead of having Rats, Bats, and Snakes. After it is sent, you should have 2 reports, 1 will be saying you captured the animals and one will be the actual report, congratulations you now have animals, but how do you get them?

    You can get them by winning them from Adventures or going onto the Auctions (next to your Hero head), and bidding for them using Silver (can be won by selling items you get from adventures or you can transfer 1 Gold for 100 Silver, you can get gold, by going to the Gold logo at the top right and clicking Tariffs, and selecting the Tariff you want to pay for).
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    What's new in T4.0?

    Their our many new enhancements in T4, these include Adventures, better Hero use and items to help you grow:

    You can not change your hero or chose what your Hero is (TK, Paladin, Club, EC, TT, Haeduan, etc). But you can get many things from helmets to boost your CP per day all the way to Armour that will boost your Heroes strength by 500: A wonderful guide about hero items can be found here by Avi.

    Adventures: These can give you Hero items, Artworks, Cages, Ointments, Book of Wisdom, and many more also included in Avi's Guide.

    Auctions: You can win stuff - anything you find in adventures such as horses, to ointments.

    Different Graphic Style: It may take longer to load the page due to these creative graphic designs but it will overall make it look better (I however think they should make a T3 graphic pack style for T4).

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    Awesome guide, except for strategy 1 i am confused about one thing. You write about "favourite farms" however in the strategy you just say get the resource fields to level 6 then research TT's and raid with them.. all this time do you just cranny up? Do you get any phalanx? How will you know who your favourite farms are if you have not been raiding beforehand? Overall, good guide, just need to clear some things up.

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    Unfortunately we haven't quite got around to finishing the guide yet so some things don't quite fit together perfectly yet. It'll take a while but eventually we'll put it together and fix any errors. Thanks for pointing that out.

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