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Thread: What's with all the locked threads?!

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    Angry What's with all the locked threads?!

    Please help me out here folks, because I could have sworn that (before the forums went down) the guidelines for posting in the embassy areas were loosened up a bit in response to members' requests for a bit more banter and chat between friends, alongside the usual politics and spin.

    All well and good, except I wake up this morning to a slew of closed threads that apparently have nothing to do with s1. Let's just take a look, shall we?

    For Pony: Was actually discussing For Pony and our spamtastic awesomeness, therefore on topic and relevant to s1.

    Superlorro-v-Khnum: Lolcats and lolponies ftw! And perfectly on topic.

    PTH: Hang on, need to think about this one... it's about... wait... (I know this one!). Yes! It's about pizza, and again perfectly relevant to s1 since he is playing and an active poster in said embassy.

    And so on and so forth...

    So, am I mistaken, or have I gotten lost and wondered onto the French trav forum?
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    lock this thread please for discussing a mod's power

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    Vishal you fail
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    Being a moderator is hard work. If people actually post on a forum it is harder. Think how easy the job could be if no-one posted at all.

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    They are just trying to kill off the only lively forum and make this one as dull as all the other servers.

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    You can't even have a friendly banter session these days (with normal people, not you know who) and I can't even mention the M word!! Waste of time coming on here if we can't mock each other.
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    We can't afford to spare a single thread. Our mission is at a critical moment.
    What am I supposed to do with 14k rams now??

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    As has been pointed out on the threads concerned, if you feel that strongly then please contact Zim, who can discuss it with you. Don't forget you don't always see what goes on behind the scenes, and if things are reported/not seen as conductive to the forum then they generally get locked/deleted.

    Not speaking on specifics as this isn't my section (so I don't know fully why :p) Just giving things for you to think about

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldymorph View Post
    You can't even have a friendly banter session these days (with normal people, not you know who) and I can't even mention the M word!! Waste of time coming on here if we can't mock each other.
    I happen to agree with the mods, either the rules should be applied to all or to none - they choose all - I agree.

    This thread should be shut as it questions their authority, if you want to discuss something off topic use skype, we shouldnt have to suffer it here.

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    Moderator Comment: Zimrich
    I have re opened one thread and as has been said feel free to PM me if you feel strongly about any other closed thread. Thread Closed.

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