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Thread: Endgame - WW Hits

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    Yes he did well

    Well done Deja 2 it was a good battle for top slot towards the end

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    Quote Originally Posted by poetmoe View Post
    rumours right about you working with DV then - nice troopies there - well done
    well , quite simple and i raise my hat to Lou for a nice army. There was only a few occasions where the NE and DV collaberated and that was to keep the others in check. If you look at the strikes on DVīs WW and the NEīs you will see there is no love between us but it boiled down to who the NE didnt want to win by the looks of it. I am sure if a MIA WW was there then DV would have been Louīs target and that is how the game would have finished but i will say that Lou has always stuck to her word with me and i wish her well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Brain View Post
    I feel sorry for Matt; he deserved more support from the SE than he got. Where was the rest of the SE defence? still in a WW with no chance of winning? Whatever happened to teamwork?
    yep - very strange decision.

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    Would've been interesting to see how much damage that army would've done on Zeon, I'm quite surprised he hit Otang with that big an army knowing that the def was around 0.5mil, a small army would've done the job very easily and lowered a few levels - then passenger could've hit zeon and father ted might've ended up winning!

    Just a shame that maico never had time to launch her beast of a hammer!

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    it was 8 hours to both Otang or Zeon - given mia said they wouldnt hit SE we had to make a choice. we expected to take off 5 levels which was all we needed if someone hit DV. we would never of left SE to win we have fought them most the server.

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    Well done to DV

    You played a good game

    Well done to P and N for a 2nd placed just one more we would have had it

    Well done to every player for sticking at this server as its not been the best of servers got very intresting towards the end

    Well done to the bucket crew we completed another server as a team


    o and me : ) well done me

    love from whiteoak account

    love from pimps

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    I think P/N were spent tho James after the attempt on SE plans. If that had been successful then we would indeed have faced Passengers hammer and it would have knocked us out the game, most likely for a Father Ted win. Thankfully (and ironically to their downfall) SE defended it well and P/N had to make a difficult choice....I might be wrong of course but why would anyone hold back sizeable hammers and hope another alliance does your job for you at this stage, unless spent....

    Otang had 1.25 mill defence, not huge by any means but above 0.5.

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    The def 0.5 million. I think you are making it up. Rascals alone must have had more then that in there.

    ... And then there is koo, boo and Orpheus!

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    I'd not be surprised if we find out DV had one last hammer waiting in the wings as a back up... but then again they have sent out a good number of lovely ones already. Hats off to them.

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    have to agree with you there smit waste of a players time and moneyif they not used there hammers by now.

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    Well done to the passenger though.. It was a well timed hammer. It's not often you see a ww taken from 99 to zero in a single strike.

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    Yes, my poor hammer of 3 cata's died but not without putting up a fight. They went in the way of all the rest of my troops - in Defence

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    I second that.

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    Well before I travel over seas I would like to just say thanks to everyone. It's been an interesting server at times thanks to the members I have played along side in p&n and also the other quads for keeping us on our toes at times, involving a fake chiefing attempt from otang and ragazzi together, which ended up with otang not actually sending cats so made it easy, had he sent cats who knows if we would of switched caps or not......
    Also a special thanks to my dual, lou, it's been great fun playing alongside you all server and even though we didn't get to hit dv as we would of liked to have done it was still all great fun

    As smit has said had pur plan grabbed work then dv wpuld of definatly been our target.

    A massive well done to everyone and a good win by dv


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    Well done DV ! Its been a good game. Been a pleasure working with the {p} and {n} guys .... great team xx

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    ps...Ryder have a good trip xxxxx

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