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Thread: Extra box for deleted reports

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    Default Extra box for deleted reports


    This morning I was shifting through massive amounts of reports to check out all the scouting reports. If I found potential farms I'd keep a note and archive the reports. The idea was to group them all together and then add them to the farm list at my leisure.

    But disaster struck when I accidently deleted 30 GOOD scouting's instead of clicking archive. I'm already shaking in fear about the telling off I'm going to get from my duel, especially when some of these farms had 150k resources just sitting there with no defense. Hopefully they will remember who they scouted.

    What I propose is a deleted reports section that holds any deleted reports for 24 hours. This way I could have quickly gone into this section to recover the deleted reports when I realised my mistake. It could look something like this;

    Please excuse the bad editing. I just rushed through it with paint. But I'm sure you get the idea.

    I'd appreciate any feedback. I'm sure the massive amounts of gold I've bought could pay some boffin to set something like this up.
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    Sounds like a good idea to me.
    They should probably do the same for messages.

    I know I've accidentally deleted stuff I wanted to archive and i doubt we're the only ones.

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    I've done it myself many times, but I quite like the idea that once something is gone then it's gone. It means I'm not lax about things when I'm dealing with reports and messages because I've learnt how disasterous things are. It seems to be with each change things are becoming easier and aren't focussing on making more players learn through mistakess by instead insulating them from them.

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