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    I would just like to make a comment on the T4 version.

    With even the low resolution version of the web site it is very difficult to play the game using a smart phone (e.g. iPhone or Android). The pages take far too long to load (except when wifi connected) and using the map to create raids is very difficult (even with wifi connected). Using my 'fat' fingers to navigate the links also causes problems with wrong pages loaded etc. The web pages have not been designed with a touch screen in mind.

    The older versions of Travian T3.x, whilst not perfect, were playable on most web enabled mobile platforms.

    It is easy to detect a mobile browser and present a mobile version of the website and would allow more people to play the game.


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    T4 gone wrong

    hey red, this is a good point and i would have to agree, the map takes me ages to load! this is a point admins should consider...
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    There should be an option to turn off ALL the pretty little cartoons that appeal to the 5 year olds who play the game.

    Btw Edd...have you posted on EVERY thread?

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