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Thread: Travian for Xbox live arcade / Playstation Network / Ipod/phone ?

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    Default Travian for Xbox live arcade / Playstation Network / Ipod/phone ?

    Why doesn't Travian make apps for the above platforms? They could make loads of money, and bring in more players/potential gold buyers?
    Anyone else agree?

    Cheers, thanks
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    Because it's a good idea.
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    A app with the pictures already loaded onto the phone could potentially massively decrease the time we have to wait for a page to load and make general game play through phone networks faster. Instead of wasting 5 mins to open a page I could have the page basis already loaded on the phone and only the numbers need to come from the internet. Everytime you log in using the app, the app would be updated to include new villages.

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    I think these are good ideas and I'm sure Travian have looked into alternative platforms, I think it's not something that is top of their priorities it seems although I agree, it should be.

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