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Thread: Banning and Auctions

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    Default Banning and Auctions

    My question is - if a player is banned can they still use the auction feature?
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    Hmmm not sure. Speed maybe?

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    They shouldn't be able to, altough not sure about items they have on auction pre-ban.

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    As far as i can tell items you sell or put for sale before the ban will continue as normal however you cant sell any new items or place any new bids once you have been banned

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    Well you can't use the auctions if you are deleting so I assume that you can't do it if you are banned. When banned your account is basically frozen and the only thing you can do is send IGM's, so I doubt you would be able to buy/sell stuff in auction.

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    ANSWER: you cannot Edit; happend to a dual of mine.

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