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Thread: Is it an achievement?

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    Default Is it an achievement?

    I was just wondering whether killing another play's chief is considered to be a significant achievement. Also, how fast can a player generate another chief and is there a cap on how many you can make?

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    Well, normally, killing a chief isn't that big of an achievement. However, if it is early in the round, training a new chief would have a large impact on res. percentage use for your enemy.

    Also, if you are under attack, killing a chief (both in off/def), will buy you some precious time to get defensive troops to your viillage. Thirdly, it is very fun :p
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    On top of Andi's answer, training times vary depending on whether it is a normal server or a speed server. For a normal speed server, a Roman Senator takes 25:11:40 to train, a Teutonic Chief takes 19:35:00 and a Gaul Chieftain takes 25:11:40 to train according to the T4 answers page*.

    You can train up to 3 of these in a village, but only if you have a Palace in that village. Otherwise you will only be able to build 2 if you are using a Residence.

    *This is when being built with a level 1 Residence (something that is infact impossible, I know...) - for a level 10 Residence, it takes the Roman Senator 9:45:39, the Teutonic Chief 7:35:13 and the Gaul Chieftain 9:45:39 to train.

    A level 20 Residence will train a Roman Senator in 3:24:12, the Teutonic Chief in 2:38:44 and the Gaul Chieftain in 3:24:12.

    If you want to look more in-depth, try clicking here - clicky clicky click.
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    Killing a chief gives you a smug satisfaction inside, so I'd say yes it is an achievement. Catching a chief, or several chiefs, at home is even better, and will certainly give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

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    Killing cheifs always makes me lol,all that time and effort for a new village foiled
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    For me, killing chiefs isn't much of an achievement. For me, an achievement is using chiefs to make an enemy hammer/wwk disappear.

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