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Thread: T4 kill the game?

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    Default has the T4 update ruinedl the game?

    according to the ukx the T4 update ruined the game, i mean WW race 5 out of 13 WW's is taken

    Has the T4 update ruined your game?

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    Absolutely, game is heavily skewed toward the attacker with no half wheat for WWs and the placement is such that supply villages are knocked down instantly, the majority of wheat trips take more than 8 hours, and bolstering defence is a nightmare. Don't forget the hero items like Paintings, making gold users win this game, as well as faster build items, making hammers bigger for the smaller WW defence.
    Natars will win T4 the whole time is my bet because on my server you get a WW level 30 and it's knocked down by an 80k hammer. Which are in abundance due to better farming techniques and natar villages.

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    I don't think it has ruined the game - it is still essentially the same game, with just a few little additions. I admit that I really don't like the fact that all the WWs are in the centre - I pointed out at the beginning of the server that this was a bad idea, and so it has proved.

    The reason so few WWs are taken is because the Natars now stuff them with about half a million defence. I'm not quite sure whether this is intentional or an error, but it's something that should be tweaked, because having all 13 WWs taken makes the game more interesting - endgame is boring enough as it is without having fewer WWs to make it more boring.

    I'm not really bothered by the Hero thing, I quite like the adventures and opportunity for items, though I do think the auction system should be limited some way, particularly artworks - a rule that you can only buy one artwork per week would improve the game dramatically.

    These things aside I think T4 gets my approval.
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    Take out artworks and the game would be MUCH fairer!

    But they wont, they make too much money from them. Comx atm:

    1 x Artwork 13 7100 0:20:34 Not enough silver.
    1 x Artwork 9 5555 0:25:20 Not enough silver.
    1 x Artwork 10 5555 0:54:40 Not enough silver.
    1 x Artwork 7 5555 1:20:55 Not enough silver.
    1 x Artwork 6 5555 1:32:10 Not enough silver.
    1 x Artwork 6 5659 1:40:41 Not enough silver.
    1 x Artwork 5 5650 1:41:32 Not enough silver.
    1 x Artwork 5 5000 1:53:40 Not enough silver.
    Roughly an extra 450 gold spent in over an hour. 76826 extra a week, 307305 a month, $12000 extra a month. Of course just estimating but its big money. This is just on top of other gold use.

    Whats next? Buying resources? CP is a limit on how many villages you can have, a limit on how big your account can be. Just paying to extend that limit. Those that pay more will always do much better than those of similar skill and activity, kinda unfair IMO.

    I originally thought nobody in the right mind would invest so much in them, not to the extent that I have seen on servers such as usx, where some accounts spend hundreds a week... pretty crazy.

    Artworks ruin T4

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    T4 needs even more time then what the old server needed!//edd
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    They use both types of servers.

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    The reason Trav is dying on it's ass is because the only game innovations are designed to squeeze more gold from us. Artworks, scrolls, cages, all reasonable ideas in moderation, but as we know, some fools are prepared to spend like mad to get any edge. This imbalance means that moderate gold users will continue to leave; it's one thing to spend a little to make the game easier, quite another to compete with the silly money some people spend. T4 is still the same basic game, but a weekly cap on spending would improve it no end. Bid for that artwork if you want, but by doing so you limit your ability to NPC or quick build. That way decent players wouldn't need a second mortgage to play. Fat chance.

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