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Thread: [Project of the Month] - November 2011

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    Default [Project of the Month] - November 2011

    Today i introduce a new feature to the Projects forum, each month i will write a short piece detailing the good and bad points of a particular Travian project. The projects will be chosen from the Travian Projects List posted in this forum, and i will just be working through this list so if something is missing please do let me know.

    What is is?

    Simply put (TR) is a battle report converter, it allows the distribution of in game reports from any travian server to an external site, forum or skype chat. Its basic concept takes the information in the battle report of travian parses out the details of the report and then presents this in a clean easy to read manner, along side some interesting analysis of the cost of losses to each side.

    How does it work?

    One of the great advantages of TR is its ease of use, in the most basic terms all a player has to do to make use of TR is to go to the report on travian copy the entire page (Ctrl+A > Ctrl+C) and then paste it into the input box (Ctrl+V), they player is then able to select the version of travian they play on which i would highly recommend so that any differences in troop costs is adjusted for. This then takes the player on to what i believe is the biggest down side of TR, unlike other battle report convertors TR doesn't automatically detect the tribe of the attacker and defender and is defaulted to Roman requiring the player to manually change the tribe.

    This is an unnecessary chore in what is an otherwise very slick and elegant user interface, and it can have a massive impact upon the statistics that accompany the report, as Roman troops cost significantly more on average than Tueton troops and can make you feel you have achieved more than you really have.

    Key Features

    The statistics which accompany your TR report are the most interesting feature that TR provides, there are 4 stats which TR provides, most of important of which is Cost of Losses which is accompanied by wheat upkeep, offensive points, defensive points and hero experience. The statistics play two great key roles in my opinion they first of all provide a helpful way of judging if an attack is successful, if you are playing a war of attrition then it is more important to inflict greater losses on your enemy than on yourself, i've seen many attacks attacks where the attacker has far greater losses than the defender, who may have lost all his troops and whilst this is a victory for the attacker it can be somewhat a hollow victory if you've lost 100 million worth of res in troops. Secondly the statistics offer the much needed hand of consolation for players who have lost their entire army, if you can see you've done a good deal of damage to the attacking army it can make you feel just that little bit better about yourself, and whilst both these points can be told from the ordinary in game reports the statistics provided by TR make it that much clearer.

    Another key feature that TR provides is the ability to anonymise reports, this allows you to do what can be one of the most interesting parts of the game. Gloating over your enemies corpses. We all know the pleasure you can get from being able to shout from the rooftops that your better than your opponents, and whilst posting a report on the forum isn't quite the same its about as good as you can get in Travian. TR's anonymous reports provides players with the ability to post your battle reports in the forum with out needing to get the other players permission to post none anonymised reports which is of course against the forum rules. It does this by replacing player names with a string of letters such as XXX or YYY along with their village names, but leaves the rest of the details of the report in, now whilst this allows you to post your report on the forums and claim the glory, it does have a downside in that it can sometimes leave other users guessing who it is you have attacked, and can some times be abused with faked reports.

    TR additionally provides two other options for anonymising reports, the ability to hide the attacker or defender, this is a feature which is there to help protect a player who posts their report to the forum from being attacked by a more powerful player as knowing how many troops other players have is a key piece intelligence in planning attacks, it does this by replacing all the information about the selected side with question marks just like in game reports where you cannot see the other side.

    The final Key feature that TR offers users is the ability to merge several reports, this is probably the most helpful feature that TR offers users it works in exactly the same way as creating a normal report but once you have created your first report there is an option at the bottom to merge a new report with the previous. All you have to do to merge a report is add your first report as normal, and then at the bottom of the display page for the first report you will see a box where you paste the report you wish to merge into your current one, and a box to check called 'Merge with previous' just check this and then its just like creating a new report but when it shows up you see it below the previous report.

    This is again where TR's clean and easy to use interface shines through as a great piece of work, when you add a new report it simply places reports one after another scrolling down the page in the order in which you added them. Once again when adding an additional report you have to go through the task of setting the players tribes and any other options you want such as anonymising the report but apart from this its is as easy as creating a new report and is much easier to create a record of attacks. The big advantage in this is that if you've and your allies have launched a series of attacks against one player you can put all the reports into one page here and review them and post them as one link.

    This is the feature which i believe TR could develop significantly, i can see two main avenues in which the developer could give this feature additional functionality. The first is making it possible for multiple players to add reports to what i would term a central repository by following a link, which would then order the attacks in their time of landing and produce a report similar to the merged reports now. The advantage of doing this would be to provide an easy way for alliance leaders to see multiple attack reports on a target and conduct an analysis of how the attack went with out needing to either find the attacks on their attack page/village page them selves which can be difficult if the attacks vanish.

    My second idea in which this could be further developed could be done along side the first, which is on merged reports to have an aggregated statistics box, which would simple give you a total of all the statistics box's for each report so users could judge how a series of attacks has worked out overall. To make this really helpful a record of destroyed buildings would also have to be included.

    Conclusion & Score is a good tool for converting battle reports, it has a clean interface and is simple to use. It ticks all the basic criteria for what a battle report convertor should do and provides a few helpful features such as merging reports and anonymising reports. There is only one part of the user experience which feels unnecessary and should be done away with which is the requirement of users to select the tribes, and it has great opportunity to be improved with a few updates which would make it into a great tool

    Conclusion & Score
    Ease of Use: 3/5
    Interface Design: 5/5
    Usefulness: 4/5
    Overall: 4/5

    I hope you all enjoyed reading this, if you don't agree with my view or think i got something wrong then let everyone know in a post below. Next month i'll be reviewing the Combat simulator 2.0.
    The views expressed in this article are not the views of Travian Games GmbH, and are the views of the author only.

    Thank you Ka-Peh for pointing out the grammar mistakes.
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    You could mention how to add Multiple Buildings Destroyed in one Battle Report.

    For example: -

    And merged reports:,1407211696e
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