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Thread: Pots and Kettles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil McKraken View Post
    MODS close this thread please, I find it offensive
    Quote Originally Posted by Phil McKraken View Post
    Oh come on how let's not lie you left cause they are poo
    MODS please close this person's account down I find him offensive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Samantha78 View Post
    baldy - you're a legend I can't think of anyone else with their own catchphrase on the forum
    Quote Originally Posted by C.G. View Post
    We can't afford to spare a single thread. Our mission is at a critical moment.
    What am I supposed to do with 14k rams now??

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    Can we please stop creating threads like this, if you have a complaint report the post or send me a pm, but not start another thread

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