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Thread: Travian Drawing Competition - Round 5

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    Default Travian Drawing Competition - Round 5

    Travian Drawing Competition - Round 5


    Competition Rules

    ♦ One entry per person; no claiming of other people's work
    ♦ Artwork must be newly created and not reused or shown elsewhere
    ♦ Entries must be anonymous (No names, tags or similar marks)
    ♦ Artwork may be created via a computer or by hand
    ♦ Entries must be submitted by PM only to MOD ROSS

    Voting Process

    ♦ No attempt to influence votes (no hints, encouragement, of any kind)
    ♦ Winner is decided by a public poll posted shortly after the deadline
    ♦ Winner will be posted in our hall of fame
    ♦ Voting will last for 5 days, specified in this thread


    ♦ Entries must be sent no later than 10PM on Tuesday 29th May

    *Im slightly drunk and I like frogs (and cant think of a better idea) so yeah. Frogs it is.

    *A special thanks to Laughing Ram for creating the banner and initially starting the competition.

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    Hmm, one day to go to draw a frog. I really don't know where to begin, even tho I know what a frog looks like
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